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Decoding Some Kickass Digital Marketing Strategies Of Technology Companies

There’s a lot of strategic thinking that goes into everything that the successful brands do.

The way people make purchase decisions these days has greatly changed. Due to the customers’ changing habits, offline or traditional marketing is not as effective as it is used to be.

To kick ass online, businesses need to develop digital marketing strategies that match their brand’s long-term goals.

It’s all about the connections you make!

The term “digital” encompasses the different ways a company connects with its prospective and existing customers online.

The most obvious things, like social media, websites, mail lists, videos, blogs, and online reviews, play an essential role. Chatbots, the new stuff, is also included in this realm.

Digital marketing strategies are evolving and changing at a breakneck pace.

Naturally, this has left the medium, and the small-sized business feeling overwhelmed. What needs to be done at this point is following the players in the market.

Yes, you got it right.

Why not follow the kickass digital marketing policies of some popular technology companies?

It works and works most efficiently!

Recently, a considerable surge has been in demand for top quality content on the internet.

Technology companies have been quick at understanding this demand and have thus adopted more content-based marketing strategies.

At present, companies like Kissmetrics and HubSpot stand proof of the success generated by content-based digital marketing policy.

Individuals looking to serve as influential marketers in the future or brands in the lookout of ideas for achieving digital marketing excellence can follow these technology companies’ strategies.

Creating Visually Interactive Web Pages

Technology-based digital marketing is getting competitive with every passing year.

Every year, there is a 30% increase in the number of brand new technology products and companies.

So, there’s this pressure on all the technology companies to produce proper digital marketing plans to make a mark and stay ahead of their competitors.

iOffice stands as one of the most impressive examples of using a kickass digital marketing strategy for luring audiences.

The brand is into selling complex software to B2B customers. This, in itself, is challenging.

Serving B2B customers means providing sufficient details on why and how a certain product can be valuable.

And keep in mind, the visitors should not be overloaded with information at the same time.

iOffice accomplishes this goal excellently by providing its visitors a visually interactive and attractive experience on the main page of its website. This, in turn, encourages visitors to learn more about the products on offer. The visitors on iOffice’s website can see the main features of a product along with screenshots demonstrating the same.

Each page features a sliding menu, including a colorful CTA. These help the visitors to learn more and even in watching a video demo.

With the visitors going further down, there are reasons to pick iOffice detailed with visuals offering more information and a CTA. By making its web pages interactive, the brand has successfully provided easy-to-understand information about its complicated products.

This has also helped the brand in keeping its visitors engaged.

The clear CTAs on the website have struck right in place, making it easier for the site visitors to see how and where to get more information.

Google – Digital Marketing Stress On Keeping Brand Image Intact

The digital marketing strategy at Google is simply mind-blowing. While advertisements are quite rare from this hi-tech giant, there is the large-scale use of subtle marketing plans.

The wonderful search engine makes use of impressive and fantastic digital marketing policies that have never existed.

There is something beneficial for the starters at Google. The starters get an open and free platform, which brings in more users on the whole.

Furthermore, the conversational culture of the brand humanizes the services it offers. It creates a kind of communicative environment inspiring interactions within the SEM and SEO industries.

Google is quite particular about its image and thus lays stress on how the users view it. Apart from creating some of the best marketing campaigns actively, the platform also exudes openness in all its campaigns.

In essence, it is all about identity marketing for the brand!

Slack Makes Use Of Original Illustrations In Its Digital Marketing

A lot is going about in Slack’s digital marketing arena, which has made this technology company a player in this field.

The company’s use of original illustrations throughout its digital marketing campaign has helped it create an exclusive digital style.

Slack’s strong blog section is worth mentioning. Not to forget, the clever name it has been given.

The blog section of the brand offers the right blend of posts on effectively using Slack. Other posts include more general and standardized suggestions for professionals and businesses looking to use the channel.

Additionally, the company’s top-quality podcast garners huge attention. It’s called Work in Progress and narrates interesting stories of career paths chosen by individuals and their idea of work. It is storytelling that has clicked at the right time for Slack.

The digital marketing technique followed by Slack is out and out professional. Its marketing content is completely focused on narrating stories entertainingly and interestingly.

That’s exactly what the Slack podcast does!

IBM Uses LinkedIn For Garnering Attention

Boasting more than 580k followers only in the United States of America, this is one brand every businessman should look up to when it comes to doing digital marketing the right way. IBM ranks high in the list of the most impactful technology companies right now, and there’s a good reason behind this.

This IT giant makes use of LinkedIn for sharing insights about its major developments, employee stories, and a sneak peek of its new products.

One thing that is noteworthy about IBMs kickass digital marketing strategy is its extensive use of the different features available on the LinkedIn platform. Furthermore, the brand’s winning strategy encourages all its officials and employees to share their posts on the company’s LinkedIn page.

Now that’s genuinely kickass!

IBM is into managing 10+ showcase pages for its varied services and products. These include IBM Cloud, IBM Internet of Things, and so on. In addition to this, the company’s site even has an entirely different page highlighting its culture.

This page is loaded with visually attractive images, detailed and eye-catching videos, and even cultural insights. There are even blog posts featured on the page.

These come directly from the staff members working for IBM. So, there’s less investment and more desirable results.

Learning From The Playful Video Marketing Strategy Of Wistia

Wistia’s digital marketing strategy revolves around communicating with the customers on a human level. This is something that the majority of the B2B technology companies lag in.

Simply because you are dealing with a technical product does not mean it cannot have a personality. Of course, it can. Why not follow Wistia and its digital marketing campaign for this?

Wistia is into selling video software, which means its buyers will be out-and-out technical enthusiasts, right? Its products are meant to be used for technical work and not for play. But to avoid boredom, the company has its digital marketing campaign focused on positioning itself as a playful and fun brand.

The first thing you will see on the company website is a lady dancing playfully with a toy video recording device. The tagline says,” video platform for business. And dogs.”

The company’s website offers complete information about its products while producing useful content. There are even instructions included on how to use its products most effectively. Not to mention, general suggestions and tips on video marketing.

Throughout the marketing campaign, the playful branding of Wistia has been kept intact with images and copies. The company even hosts an award show called “The Febbies” for its customers.

The show comes jam-packed with live streams boasting of goody creations taking the marketing game up.

With Wistia’s effective digital marketing strategy turning out to be a huge hit, it has been proved that digital marketing for the technology companies does not need to be dull. The brand makes the personality of its products the main priority in its branding campaign. And by doing so, it can create a good connection with its target audience.

The audience learns how useful Wistia products are, but the whole experience is more playful than boring.

Groove HQ’s New Approach To Its Blog Layout

The company is into selling helpdesk software. The market for helpdesk software programs is a space that requires some very strong digital marketing plans. That said, space itself has some of the biggest players in the industry. Nevertheless, Groove HQ has found some of the most creative ways of standing out in the industry it serves.

The company has recently adopted a new approach to its blog layout, and this has taken its digital marketing game up a bit. Blogs, as common as they are. The standard visual designs of all the blogs are generally the same. The majority of them have the same formatting and layout. But when it comes to Groove HQ’s blogs, they are way more attractive and exclusive.

The layout style of the blogs at Groove HQ is something the viewers might never have seen earlier. Its blogs are not just informative but visually interesting as well. They have a clean appearance making browsing a breeze for the visitors. They are of superior quality, jam-packed with useful data and examples supporting the points they make.

Groove HQs blogs are an example of sheer skill and reader involvement. The layout would not matter as much if it was not assisting individuals in finding content worth reading.

Yet another digital marketing strategy used by Groove HQ is its detailed comparisons. The company does this right and strikes the hammer at the perfect nailhead here.

Part of the company’s job is assisting its audience in understanding why they require the type of products being offered by a certain company.

And yet another bigger part of its job is helping the ones who already know about a certain company’s product in making an informed decision between a specific item and an item from another company.

This second part is what Groove HQ masters. It offers step-by-step and fully detailed comparisons between its products and the ones coming from the top competitors. It answers the question, “How Groove HQ is different?” in the most detailed manner.

The brand ensures that there is an easily understandable and clear answer to this question. So, the prospective buyers are in no doubt as such.

Buffer Is Killing It On Social Media

When it’s Buffer, it’s all about long-form and actionable posts filled with a huge amount of helpful details on using social media effectively.

The brand is known for experimenting with its approach towards answering common questions its customers have. The company even experiments with the data it has on how individuals use different social media sharing tools for creating valuable content.

But these are all things and strategies of the bygone era.

What Buffer has its hands on now in the digital marketing field is killing it on social media apart from dealing with strong blog content. The company hosts a Twitter chat twice during the week, which gets a lot of audience and customers directly interacting with Buffer.

This happens regularly.

On all the other days of the week, the company’s Twitter feed includes attractive videos and images.

Even this is consistent.

Buffer uses Twitter to request participation directly from its followers, and this has worked wonders for the company.

Coming to how effectively the brand uses Facebook as its digital marketing tool, it has got a fast-moving video as its banner there. Yes, this eye-catching video draws attention immediately and personalizes the brand by displaying the people behind it.

Buffer is also into using Facebook Live for giving more room and reach to its podcasts. This ultimately brings them more engagement. Even beyond the updates and posts, there are stories about the company shared directly.

It even deals with good quality content along with interesting facts its customers would find interesting.

With social media being the main focus of Buffer’s content and business, it makes complete sense that the company knows a lot about using the platform as a highly effective digital marketing tool.

With the humongous experience and data it has in social media marketing, it is one of the best examples of kickass digital marketing.

BasicSafe Is Into Personalized Digital Marketing

The main work propaganda at BasicSafe is helping organizations keep their employees safe. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the company will not work on its digital marketing campaign.

It has been working on it all these years, and it is still doing so in the most efficient manner.

BasicSafe takes its digital marketing campaigns seriously every time. The company website features top quality and informative marketing video.

The videos contain a series of cute little penguins with character names like Gloria, the HR Manager, and Sam, the Safety Manager.

Now, all the penguins in the video have significant characteristics, and they are serving different priorities. All this comes back to making the workers safe.

This marketing video on the company’s site is quite short but full-on entertaining. It even lays out the most important requirements of the company’s target audience and the way its software can help them out.

The company’s website does a great job of catching user or buyer attention apart from the part played by the video.

Case studies are enumerating why the BasicSafe software is so very important for the users. But mind it, the content is short and crisp with the matter laid out in just a few powerful words.

Thus, a lot of money is saved from the digital marketing budget of the brand while there is complete compliance.

The brand makes the effective use of social proof to show its experience and how it has served the industry to date.

Then comes the BasicSafe blog section that is a gem in itself. The blog covers a wide assortment of topics about OSHA.

There are even some posts on the best practices for safety at the workplace.

If any individual loves the content posted on the company’s website and wants to get email updates, there is the provision of frequency options. This comes as a good scope for visitors to personalize the way the brand interacts with them.

Cisco’s Use Of Different Digital Mediums To Spread Its Word

Cisco plays its part in promoting positive change in this troubled era, where the news feeds are filled with catastrophic messages and political unrest.

The company’s past marketing campaigns have focused on how technology can come as one of the best solutions for big global challenges. The same has been put to use in the present digital marketing campaigns of the company as well.

One of Cisco’s best things is it uses different digital channels and even the television for spreading its message.

But beyond using various channels, the company works on building its social outreach.

Continuous and consistent efforts in this field have helped the brand in gaining tremendous outreach on Twitter.

The brand makes use of several Hashtags to share real and interesting stories about how its products and services have influenced people’s lives.

The majority of its marketing campaigns aim to help individuals understand the difference the company is making in this world.

For example, its recent marketing campaign was where Cisco got into partnership with Anniecannons for helping transform the survivors or victims of human trafficking into software experts.

Apart from using technology for combating human trafficking, Cisco went ahead and mobilized its partnership with Anniecannons to spread the same word.

It gave its partner easy access to different assets like digital playbooks, training courses, and the like only to make the campaign a successful one.

So, this kickass digital marketing strategy of Cisco is worth having your hands on.

What do you say?

Creating Change Through Effective Digital Marketing- Microsoft

While Microsoft leads the market for computer programs, the Instagram presence is focused on real individuals.

The digital marketing strategy of this brand, specifically on Instagram, is a calculated and impressive one.

The strategy entails showcasing wonderful stories of people using its products to explore their interests.

Part of the digital marketing plan at Microsoft is also showcasing how its products make a difference in this world.

Microsoft brought in some of its team members to have a world tour where they met real users of Microsoft products that helped create change.

Next, it published the stories, photos, and videos of these people on its page.

This is hardcore digital content marketing, well thought of and executed.


The examples above stand clear proof of the fact that there is no answer to how digital marketing strategies can change the way businesses appear in front of customers.

The right ways of doing digital marketing right are many.

Businesses and individuals need to explore the varied approaches and formats of digital marketing. This will help them understand what suits them best, both in the context of audience and business.

Following the digital marketing strategies of some of the most well-known technology companies and putting their concepts into practice will surely help businesses appreciate their efforts.

If you’re looking for more tips on effective marketing, be sure to check out this article.

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