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10 Tips That Will Make Your Website Stand Out

When your website’s design elements are on point, it becomes easy to improve your visitor’s user experience.

Think about it.

With over 1.88 billion websites on the internet today, all vying to capture the attention of online users, it’s imperative to stand out if you need to attract potential customers, gain the trust of your target market and rake in profits along the way.

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will draw potential customers to your site, it’s highly unlikely they’ll stay if what they find is uninteresting and generic. The high bounce rate will, in turn, hurt your revenue and also damage your SEO.

So how do you ensure that your website stands out and looks incredible? The below actionable design tips will increase your leads, convert your prospects to customers, and ultimately enable you to meet your revenue goals.

1 - Make it About Your Customers

When designing your website, have your potential clients in mind. Think of their pain points and how your products or services and how a responsive design will help them find what they’re looking for faster.

It’s easy for your site visits to get hooked and eventually turn to customers when they visit your site and find content that resonates with them. Give examples of how your services or products have helped your customers solve their problems.

Communicate the values they’ll get by using your products and share past success stories to gain their trust. Anything you do, always make it about them. Resist the temptation of making your site about you. A customer who feels valued will always come back and even refer others.

2 - Be Authentic and Use Exceptionally Quality Photos

Customers value authenticity. Please give it to them. Make sure that your website’s visual content is stellar. So, make your image source authentic.

Avoid the temptation of using stock photos, and invest in quality and real photos. Hire a professional photographer if that’s what it takes to get amazing photos. You can also consider using apps for product photos to spice up your images.

Photos that indicate your real nature and capture the real essence of your company will make you trustworthy and draw customers to your business. It’s easier for customers to love your work when they know they’ll get what they see from the pictures you present.

3 - Select a Catchy Domain Name

Please think of so many websites competing for the attention of online users; your primary focus should be how to beat them and have as many leads as possible.

Choosing a catchy name would make it difficult for customers to ignore your site.

Give them the impression that you are different and you know your stuff.

Instead of using your company name as the domain name, twerk it a little bit to stand out from the crowd. With a good name, potential clients will feel that they’ve subscribed to something new, not the common that they are already used to.

This will increase your chances of connecting with potential customers and turning them into customers or loyal subscribers.

building a website

4 - Invest in Quality Content

Content, as they say, is king.

With high-quality and relevant content, you can quickly increase your site visits and make your website incredible.

Whether you intend to sell your products and services on your website or use it for branding purposes, investing in quality content will give you the competitive edge that’ll propel your business to greater heights.

Keep it current, and make sure you showcase your newly acquired skills and creative juices.

Have a blog that explicitly addresses industry issues and regularly updates it to keep the content fresh and relevant.

One more thing – on top of quality content use white space as much as possible to increase readability.

5 - Make Your Site Easy to Navigate

Clients visiting your site should be able to find your products and services with very minimal effort. Once they land on your site, your offerings should be right in front of them.

You stand to lose so many clients if they have to wade through several web pages to get what they are looking for.

Your phone numbers, address, and call to action should also be displayed for the clients if they need to take action. This way, you’ll reduce bounce rates and quickly have your clients buy or hit the subscribe button.

Building a website

6 - Have a Review and Testimonials Section

Online users love reading reviews and testimonials before making purchase decisions.

Having past customers describe their experiences with your products and services is a sure way of enticing potential customers to buy from you. Click here to check how a good review section should look like.

Ensure the positive reviews are as detailed as possible to enable new clients to understand what it feels like to use your company’s products. A short and straightforward review like “this company is amazing” may not offer the needed information and review potential clients are looking for.

So have the review section as detailed as possible. This attracts potential customers and has them hooked. Think of reviews and testimonials as social proof to show prospects that indeed, your brand does what it says.

7 - Learn to Manage Your Online Reputation

There’ll always be that client who’ll leave a bad and negative review. As much as you may not be able to stop the negative comments and reviews entirely, you should always be aware of what’s being said about you and your business.

Online reputation enables you to manage these negative reviews so that your potential clients do not get to see them.

This way, you’ll be able to maintain your credibility and ensure that your target customers see you as an authority. You’ll, in turn, be able to stand out and increase your leads.

8 - Engage With Your Customers

Customers love it when you comment and respond to their questions. This makes them feel valued. Being visible and interactive enables customers to know the face behind the brand. They’ll even trust you more and feel safe doing business with you.

Link your site to your social media pages and make your content shareable, too, as social media provides a big pool of prospects who may be interested in your products and services.

Social media will make your site visible to as many people as possible, and help you stand out from the crowd.

Building a good domain website

9 - Make it Easy for Visitors to Take the Desired Action

Your primary focus should always be to ensure clients take action after visiting your site.

A call to action can either be purchasing your products or services or subscribing to your mailing list.

By offering informative or promotional content, you offer your prospects incredible and valuable information that’ll help them solve their problems.

Say you are selling homes, educating clients on the best real estate to purchase at any given time will make it easier for you to close a deal with an interested subscriber if they want to buy a home. And you’ll have eased their pain of having to look elsewhere.

10 - Offer Freebies

You’ll not lose a thing by offering gifts to site visitors. Instead, your website will stand out from your competitors and give you more leads.

Clients love it when you give them takeaways that’ll help them quickly solve their problems.

Make it a habit of giving your potential clients freebies to welcome them to your business.

Ensure that you custom these takeaways to their needs. A customer who feels valued will quickly come back and even refer others to your business.

The Bottom Line on Website Tips

No matter what business you’re doing, a great website that looks incredible will give you the competitive edge to propel your business to greater revenue heights.

You, therefore, need to ensure that your prospective clients can differentiate your site from those of your competitors. With the above strategies, make that website stand out and count as an authority in your industry.

Want to improve how your website looks? Talk to us. We’re web design experts building websites from the ground up for over 10 years.


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