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What’s The Best Way To Market For Curbside Sales?

With the world starting to reopen, navigating how to run a main street retail shop with curbside pickup is difficult. Maybe before the pandemic your brick-and-mortar had no online presence.

Maybe your focus for curbside sales was mostly on social media. Regardless, here are some ways to act fast and smart to make the easiest transition for your curbside business .

Step 1- Create An Ecommerce Purchase Option

Find a way for your clients to purchase online and pickup curbside or set up delivery.

But don’t go wasting time and money…

Low Cost

If you didn’t have a website before the pandemic, we’d recommend getting one. However now isn’t the time to invest in a new business expense. It’s time to act quick and get your products online and make more curbside sales.

Low Effort

Your best bet is to upload your stock quickly and easily and get it live on social media. We’re here to help! Here are the best ways to get moving quickly and effortlessly!

Our Top Picks

Facebook Marketplace

Already have a Facebook or Instagram account set up? This is a quick way to make sure you keep your following in one place. Add your listings to Facebook marketplace for business.

You can add this service to your tabs or share listings directly to your page.

Facebook messenger will set you up to interact with clients, charge for sales and set up a pickup time.

This serivice is currently offering their clients (and new clients) free store sites. This is a great option if you already use square register! It’s a quick and easy way to convert your back office of stock to a front-end store -just add photos and quantities!

You can even let customers schedule pick up or delivery times!


Set up your PayPal business account and post your items on social media. Sell via DM or your feed and send your client invoices directly. This is a quick and easy way to sell online or set up curbside sales pickup with minimal interaction.

Step 2- Market Your Product On Social Media


Create a video or clip of each product or product line. Clients can use links you place in the video description to purchase.

Instagram Stories/ IGTV

What else is there to do in a pandemic but sit on Instagram? Use your stories and story highlights to create a “Shop” and let clients DM you for more info.

Have more then 10,000 followers? Use the swipe up button. Don’t have more than 10k? This next option is for you!

Link In Bio

There are a bunch of free “link tree” sites that are easy to set up and can help you direct clients to what you’re showing on your feed and stories. Set one up and throw it in your Instagram link section.

These links even track traffic and insights!

Step 3- Arm Yourself For A Successful Soft Opening

Curbside sales means outdoor sales. Try a sidewalk sale or at least moving some of your merchandise to the front half of the store for window shoppers.

Remember, this is just two weeks and then hopefully we’ll move forward to the next phase which will allow customers back inside. You just need to keep them engaged in the meantime. Team up with another business.

A bunch of main street restaurants are having major success with “brunch crawls” try setting up a discount that includes your business and another one or two shops. Or even a giveaway. Even though we’re all losing income, it’s important to find a little way to say thank you to the clients who are supporting local.

Protect your staff and your clientele. Get your signage in order and study CDC guidelines. Make sure your staff is constantly cleaning and wearing masks. Ask your customers not to enter without a mask and provide hand sanitizer when applicable.

Step 4- Keep Calm And Keep Moving Forward

It’s a new world but we’ll all get back to business with the right precautions in place.

These resources may not be a replacement for what you knew as “business as usual” but they’ll help you alleviate the stress of remapping and reworking the daily day to day of your small business. If you need more help with social media or digital marketing reach out to our team!


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