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10 FREE Ways To Find MSP Clients That Are Easy To Do

There are over 40,000 MSPs in the United States alone, all competing for the attention of potential clients. With such stats, winning new clients may seem like an uphill battle.

However, it doesn't always mean breaking the bank to close deals.

In this post, I explore ten cost-effective strategies MSPs can leverage to reduce the time and effort spent on client acquisition significantly. These will allow you to attract new clients without bending your budget, whether you're just starting or an established MSP.

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Content Marketing and SEO to Find MSP Clients

Content marketing is about creating valuable, informative content addressing your target audience's pain points. This helps you establish yourself as a thought leader and expert potential MSP clients can trust and work with. 

Start by researching your target audience. What are your prospect's common questions, challenges, and areas of interest? Then, use this information to create high-quality content like blog posts, articles, or videos that provide insightful solutions and valuable information.

In addition, optimize your content for search engines using SEO techniques. This includes optimizing website content, meta tags, keywords, and backlinks. 

You'll also want to naturally incorporate relevant keywords in your content to increase its chances of appearing higher in search results when potential clients search for related topics or services.

Creating content and implementing SEO is just one piece of the puzzle. You also need to be consistent. So, regularly producing fresh, relevant content shows search engines that your website is authoritative and reliable, boosting your search rankings.

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Meetup Events

Meetup events provide an excellent opportunity for MSPs to network and establish connections within their local communities.

Most meetups are open to the public and free to attend, making them accessible to MSPs of all sizes, regardless of their budget constraints. These events attract a diverse audience, including small business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking technology solutions.

During these meetups, MSP owners can engage with individuals who may need their services or can provide valuable referrals. Moreover, attending meetups lets you stay abreast of industry trends, emerging technologies, and local market developments.

Plus, engaging with peers enables you to understand the challenges of their target audience better, helping you tailor your services and marketing strategies accordingly.

Building Partnerships with Complimentary Businesses

Growing your MSP business involves working with other industry players. Build strategic partnerships with companies that offer services that complement you to expand your reach and attract new clients.

Picture this. Your MSP offers stellar IT support, but a client needs help designing a new website. You’ll want to partner with a web design agency in such a scenario. That way, you can refer your client without losing the business. The agency can reciprocate by recommending your MSP services to clients needing IT support.

Potential partners include businesses like:

  • Web design and development agencies

  • Accounting and bookkeeping firms

  • Telecommunication providers

  • Security system installation companies

Identify businesses with shared values and a good reputation when initiating a partnership. Reach out, express your interest in collaborating, and discuss how your services can benefit each other’s clients.

Engaging in Online Communities and Forums

The internet is full of communities and forums where IT professionals connect, share knowledge, and solve problems. These platforms offer many benefits for MSPs looking to win new clients.

Finding relevant communities is easier than you think. Search for online groups focused on your niche within the broader IT field. Look for forums on specific technologies, platforms, or local IT associations.

Once you’ve joined these groups, don’t just lurk. Actively participate by providing valuable insights, offering solutions to challenges, and engaging in discussions.

You want to provide valuable contributions to build trust and establish your reputation online. Speaking for online communities, join the GrowthGenerators discord. It’s free and growing by the day. 

Listing on Local Business Directories

Your potential customers may be using online directories to find local businesses. Thus, setting listed on these platforms is crucial for increasing local visibility and attracting new clients.

Think of directories like online Yellow Pages. Popular examples include Google My Business, Yelp, Bing Places, and industry-specific directories relevant to your MSP services.

To maximize your exposure, ensure your listings are accurate, complete, and consistent across all directories. Include your business name, address, phone number, website URL, and operating hours.

In addition, optimize your listings with relevant keywords, high-quality photos, and positive customer reviews.

Cold Email Marketing

When done thoughtfully, cold email marketing can be a powerful tool for MSPs to reach new clients.

You can find prospects to reach out to via online resources like business directories, industry publications, and even social media platforms like LinkedIn. You can also use a tool like LeadScrape to widen your search.

Once you've identified good fits, leverage platforms like or Apollo to find the decision maker's emails.

Armed with these, send a cold email highlighting how your services can address your prospect's pain points and offer genuine value.

Remember that the goal is to build a connection, not just make a sale. Personalizing your message is one of the best tactics to catch your prospects' attention. As a rule of thumb, address the client by name and mention something specific about their company or industry needs.

Offering Services to Nonprofits

Giving back to your community can also benefit your MSP business. Offering free or discounted services to nonprofit organizations provides valuable networking and exposure opportunities.

Sure, nonprofits may have limited resources, relying heavily on fundraising. However, assisting them with IT needs provides an opportunity to place your business in front of a wider audience.

Again, you can identify nonprofits to work with through local online directories, community events, or even chamber of commerce connections. Reach out to their leadership and express your interest in supporting their mission through pro-bono IT services.

While offering free services is beneficial, the long-term rewards go beyond immediate gains. Besides building goodwill within the community, it could lead to future referrals and paid projects from individuals or businesses connected to the nonprofit.

Additionally, your team gains valuable experience working with diverse organizations and honing their client service skills. In the end, supporting nonprofits becomes a win-win situation, boosting growth for your business and the community.

Guest Blogging and Podcasting

Guest blogging and podcasting offer MSPs a powerful platform to increase brand visibility. Contributing valuable content to industry blogs and podcasts allows you to reach an audience looking for solutions within your field.

Finding guest blogging and podcasting opportunities involves research and outreach. Look for industry publications, websites, and podcasts relevant to your target audience. Explore their "write for us" sections or reach out directly to editors and podcast hosts, expressing your interest in contributing content.

Once you secure a guest spot, create compelling content that resonates with the audience. Tailor your content to the specific platform and its viewers/listeners.

In addition, offer actionable advice or address common industry challenges through your guest blog post or podcast segment.

The idea is to establish yourself as a thought leader and trusted resource, ultimately driving potential clients back to your MSP services.

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Hosting Webinars

Webinars offer a powerful tool for MSPs to attract potential clients and establish themselves as trusted advisors.

Effective webinar planning is key. Choose a topic relevant to provide valuable insights, actionable solutions, and real-world examples. Consider inviting industry experts or satisfied clients for a dynamic and engaging discussion.

You can promote your webinar through various channels, including email marketing, social media platforms, and industry publications. In addition, consider offering incentives like free consultations or downloadable resources to encourage registrations.

During the webinar, prioritize igniting your audience interaction. Encourage questions, answer them comprehensively, and address specific concerns relevant to your services.

Your webinar will be successful if you focus on education, not just promotion, leaving a lasting impression on your potential customers.

Implementing a Referral Program

Referral programs allow you to leverage your existing client base to attract new business. Thus, you can incentivize referrals to satisfied clients to recommend your services to their network.

Designing an effective referral program requires careful consideration. You want to offer appealing rewards, such as discounts, free services, or even cash bonuses, for both the referrer and the referred client.

Furthermore, ensure the program is easy to understand and participate in, with clear instructions and a user-friendly platform for tracking referrals.

For inspiration, look at successful referral programs in other industries. Companies like Dropbox and Airbnb offer significant storage space or travel credits to the referrer and the referred user, driving substantial growth through word-of-mouth marketing.

Promote your referral program through various channels, including your website, email marketing, and social media.

Encourage existing clients to participate by highlighting the benefits and explaining how their referrals can help your business grow.

Start Growing Your Customer Base Today

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to win new customers.


You can expand your client base by leveraging the free methods outlined in this post. However, you must remain consistent with your efforts to see any tangible results. 

You can combine several methods to achieve your goal faster if you have the time. I, however, recommend pursuing one strategy at a time.

Want secrets to learn how you can scale your MSP business? Sign up for the FREE Masterclass below. 



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