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How to Create Effective Content for your MSP Blog

Any serious MSP should care about optimizing their content. And no, we’re not talking about overusing keywords or writing unnecessarily long blog posts. If anything, overusing keywords will only get you penalized.

While long-form content is good, you don’t want to write 20,000 words of copy. Only a handful of people will read it to the end.

So, how do you optimize content for your MSP blog without going overboard?

Here’s how:

Pick a Topic

It all starts here, right? As an MSP, you’ll want to pick a topic that your target audience will find helpful. In most cases, this will revolve around IT. Some general topic ideas include:

  1. Local events

  2. Industry analyses

  3. Technology trends and predictions

  4. Product reviews, recommendations, and comparisons

  5. Training and how-to’s

  6. News and current events

  7. Company news and announcements

Know and Create Content that Your Target Audience Can Relate

The thing is,

To draw the attention of your prospects and clients, you must write about subjects they’d be interested in.

Conduct enough research on your industry, pain points, and your audience’s general tech-related interest.

On top of that, keep in mind who your designated reader is likely to be. It would be best to create your buyer personas to enable you to generate blog posts that resonate with your target audience.

Hook Your Readers With the Title

Your target audience will most likely overlook your blog post if it has a boring title. It is, therefore, essential that you choose a blog post title that’ll pique their interest.

Below are a few tips to help you choose a good blog post title.

  1. Keep the title short. Still, make sure you describe the blog’s content. Use 5 to 15 words.

  2. Make sure the title is enticing enough to make your target audience want to read.

  3. Format the title correctly. Also, use numbers in your titles.

  4. We recommend you figure out the tile before starting to write your article.

Include the Right Keywords

Keyword research is vital when writing posts for your MSP blog.

Ideally, you’ll want to include keywords your target audience is typing into the search engines when looking for IT help.

Keywords enable your prospects and clients to discover your blog when searching for particular keywords.

As a rule of thumb, research the keywords you want to include in your blog post. Check the number of searches per month. You don’t have to write about a keyword that no one is typing in search engines.

Further, check the level of competition. You can start with less competitive keywords that are easy to rank, then delve into more competitive keywords as you MSP blog. One more thing — make sure you fit your keywords naturally into your blog post.

Focus on Educating Your Reader

Sure, you want the reader to buy your product or sign-up for your MSP services eventually.

However, people don’t want to be sold to.

The primary purpose of your MSP blogs should be to demonstrate your trustworthiness and expertise as a technology partner.

Think about it, if your reader were looking for a sales pitch, they’d head to your service pages or, better yet, call you.

If you create a blog post that’s directly connected to your service offering, it would be best to end the post with a couple of brief sentences about what your company can do for the reader.

You can also leave a call to action directing the reader on what to do next.

SEO content for target audience

Remember to Include the Call-to-Action

As stated, a call to action is essential to creating an MSP blog post, especially if it is related to your sales page.

Below are some call-to-action examples you use:

  1. Share your thoughts in the comment section below

  2. Download a deliverable

  3. Visit our contact page

  4. Book a consultation session

  5. Book a demo

  6. Give us a call

  7. Visit our sales page

Always include a link in your call-to-action directing your readers where you want to take them.

select the right visuals

Select the Right Visuals on content for our MSP Blog

Including at least one image in your blog post is best practice. The image should relate to the blog’s topic. In addition, it should be eye-catching enough to draw the target reader’s attention.

We recommend adding an image after every 500 words to break up the text, making your blog readable. Better yet, you can include a video or infographic.

Don’t Forget to Proofread Your Posts

No one wants to read a blog post with glaring spelling and grammatical mistakes.

So, take the time to proofread your article before posting. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes depict laziness and unprofessionalism. In fact, it is a turn-off to prospects and customers.

You may not be an excellent copywriter. But that doesn’t allow you to churn low-quality content full of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

If you cannot write, consider hiring a copywriter to help you create optimized content for your MSP blog.

Other things to keep in mind

Post Often and Consistently

You must post regularly and consistently if you want to reap the benefits of your MSP blog. Ideally, you want to post at least once or twice a week.

Also, post consistently. Posting one article per week for a month and then zero for the next four months won’t drive growth to your MSP business.

Further, share your content on social media, postcards, newsletters, and email blasts. You can also link your blogs to related service pages to keep users on your site longer.

making content

Growth Generators Can Write High-quality Posts for your MSP Blog

We understand the value of creating high-quality, optimized blog content.

We have a team of experienced technical writers with industry knowledge to generate content that’ll rank on SERPs for your MSP blog.

We’ll even do keyword research for you, unearthing high-value, low-competition keywords.

We can also help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), inbound marketing, and backlinking.

Visit our contact page to link up with one of our digital marketing experts to discuss your content needs. He’ll ask you a few questions to help determine the best content marketing business for your business.

Do you want to create high quality content that will engage and inform your visitors? You can count on Growth Generators for the excellent content.

Our expert content creators will help you with content ideas to increase your SERPs ranking and make your website an authority in the industry.


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