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Keywords for quality content development

Website content is the reason you’re reading this right now. It’s the creative writing that allowed this site to show up when you were surfing the web. What exactly is website content? It’s the quality writing on a site that allows it to appear when someone makes an online search.

In this case, when looking for website content, you clicked on this page directly. It looks nice, has good colors, and a strong appearance. But what allowed it to show up is the quality content.

For the most part, people don’t give much thought to how something looks.

For example, say your water heater breaks. You surf the web for a water heater repair in Babylon, New York.

You see a few paid advertisements for guys in the local map section, and about 10 options in the organic section. The 10 options in the organic area are the sites Google deems as local to the area and relevant to that particular search because of the website content.

So, we click on Baron’s Plumbing. He’s one of the top three for that search. The page looks aesthetically pleasing, but the reason I came here is because I need my water heater fixed.

Let’s check out his water heater repair page…

And there it is in front of me. The page title reads, “Professional Water Heater Repair In Babylon, New York”.

Exactly what I’m looking for!

Scrolling down, briefly skimming the paragraphs below, I see more and more about water heater repair in Babylon, New York. The content breaks down how his services work, how long he’s been a professional and expert in his field, and what makes his service different than the other top 9 options out there.

The page is easy to read, the information I skimmed over makes me feel that he is a professional and can get the job done. Now I give him a call and he earns my business.

The text content allowed the plumber to show up in front of a person in need of a water heater repair. The content on his site was specifically local and relevant to the search.

Website content shouldn’t be hard. The content should be geared for the service in the areas you serve. How people look for a that service is the tricky part.

Going back to the example before, if the search was done for a plumbing contractor, plumber, plumbing repair, water heater replacement, each would have ended in a different result.

The words people use to search for your service is important.

Understanding what exactly they’re searching for and how they are doing it should be your first step in website content. From there, it’s writing that service in the titles and paragraphs for your service pages.

Website content should be easy for the viewer to read and understand, but more importantly, local and relevant for Google to view your page.

Unless your industry is extremely niche, make sure to avoid using insider jargon. Content that can be read by everyone will say your business is approachable and open.

Avoid using the same content for every service page. Research should be done for each service page, that way you can set the best quality content for each one.

The better you do at this, the better chances you have to show up for that search.

Get even more out of your site with this guide on content marketing and SEO.

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