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Proven Strategies to Help Your IT/MSP Get More Clients

The sole purpose of being in business is to create a solid customer base and grow.

Many startups, however, fail to achieve their business goals and fail within the first five years of Inception.

Lack of experience, poor location, insufficient capital, and failure to pay attention to customer satisfaction are among the top reasons these startups fail.

Still, for most Managed Service Providers (MSP) and IT companies, failure is due to poor marketing of their services.

To grow your IT to Managed Service Provider, you have no choice but to acquire new customers and sell more often to spur business growth.

This may look simple, but you can only achieve the above milestone through marketing.

And for your efforts to bear fruits, you have to know which business strategy works best and how to implement it.

Read on, and discover the best strategies to help you get more clients for your IT/MPS company.

Leverage Sales Letters to Get More Clients

MSP marketing doesn’t have to be hard.

Marketing your IT/MSP company through sales letters can be the most effective way of getting clients.

Send specific sales letters daily to every prospective customer, and in the letter, ensure that the client gets to know what services you offer and how they’ll help address their problems.

For this campaign to be effective, you need to consider the following;

Work With a Reliable Mailing List

There is nothing as powerful in marketing as knowing your target audience. Having a target customer size will allow you to streamline your sales process and enable you to customize your message to fit their needs and offer solutions that address their pain points.

This will make it easier for potential customers to trust you as an authority and agree to do business with you.

One of the best ways to get a list of companies that fit your target market is to enlist the help of reputable list providers, or even your local library may be a valuable resource.

Invest in a Properly Written Sales Letter

You don’t want to ruin your chances of landing ideal clients by sending a sales letter that isn’t persuasive enough to convince your potential clients to take action. A good sales letter should land you that client.

It’s, therefore, vital that you have some copywriting skills as good copy can sell your company and land you clients easily.

If you are not good at copywriting, hire a skilled copywriter to write sales letters that sell your company to your prospects.

follow up on all leads

Always Follow Up

Getting a relationship with previous clients may not be an easy commitment to make.

And for your IT/MSP Company, you have no choice but to keep following these business owners multiple times to win these clients.

One sales letter is not enough; it’s just the first step, but keep sending the emails, following up through phone calls, and offering to do them a job for free.

Through constant follow-ups and the free offers, it would be easier for them to trust you and agree to be your customers.

Authority Marketing

How about showcasing your expertise?

You could do this by sending a book to your prospects, free reports, having a column where you write articles for your local newspaper, and newsletter marketing showcasing your array of services.

Educate your prospects and current as well as previous clients on the services you offer and how they can ensure their business continuity.

You could do this locally by;

  1. Meeting up with groups and their representatives

  2. Offering low-cost classes on the trending industry topics

  3. Have a column in your local newspaper.

Marketing your services locally through this means will give you a diverse pool of clients, of which some may be interested while some may not be interested. And this is the downside of this mode of getting clients.

When you do it online, it’ll be more profitable and cost-effective because you’ll be more specific and only focus on those who may be interested in your services.

Word of Mouth

Have your family and friends mention your IT/MSP Company to their close connections.

The best way to leverage this mode of marketing is to have them introduce your company to key decision-makers in their workplaces.

Once you land the clients, you could offer discounts or volunteer to work for free in exchange for testimonials and referrals.

Never shy from opportunities that will expose your company.


Referrals are also an excellent way to land clients. If you did a good job, never shy away from asking for referrals.

In an economy where people do not want to stick their necks out by being the first clients to any business, having someone speak positively about their experiences with you is a plus.

Most clients would be glad to mention you to their friends if you delivered what you promised.

And what better way to gain a prospect’s trust than to have someone they trust to vouch for your reliability?

The catch is, do a stellar job and ask for that referral. Also, have a dedicated team to help with business networking.

Network With Fellow Business Owners in Your Industry

Connecting and networking with fellow business owners is also a sure way of landing clients.

There are several networking forums that you can join both online and locally.

Business networking will allow you to meet dozens of sales professionals and like-minded business owners who’ll willingly send and refer clients your way.

For this mode of marketing to work best for you, you also have to be willing to refer clients to your network members.

have a website

Have a website

A good website can sell you to many more prospects than you ever imagined.

With an effective website and quality content, any visitor who lands on your page can easily be persuaded to enlist your services.

The beauty of having a website to showcase your services is that most of your site visits will be from those interested in your services.

When they come to your site, that may be your only chance to turn them into customers. Do a good job.

An important point to note is that no matter how good your site is, nobody will see it if you don’t invest in SEO.

With good SEO and top-notch copy, your website should rank high on Google, making it

easy for clients to find you.

Get more clients

Cold Calling

Cold calls may be difficult for many business owners, but they can be the fastest and most cost-effective means of getting clients when done correctly and consistently.

The trick is to list the clients you target, have a script that you’ve practiced several times and deliver it comfortably like the expert you are to ideal clients.

You can even create an advanced call center to help you reach as many potential clients as possible.

The beauty is that if you call consistently, you will get a client and, by extension, generate additional revenue. There are so many prospects that are just waiting for your call.

Offer Gifts and Trials

Offering gifts and trials is an opportunity for your prospects to trust that they are getting into a relationship with the right provider.

Considering the long-term value, you’ll get by offering your MSP services to a prospect, a month of a free trial at minimal costs on your bill will not be too much to lose.

The greatest win is that once the prospect is satisfied with your work and becomes your customers, they are likely to be loyal and even refer their friends.


Getting new clients on board for a new IT/MSP company may be daunting, but your business can quickly get new clients with strategic marketing.

With the above tips, our business will get an inflow of new and quality clients who’ll keep your business thriving.

Use these techniques simultaneously, be very consistent, and watch your business meet its revenue and growth goals.

If you’d like help with your client acquisition efforts, we can help. Book a consultation session with one of our client acquisition experts to discuss your needs.


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