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DaaS SEO – Scale New Heights With Our Favorite SEO Hacks

The global data as a service (DaaS) market will hit a staggering $10.7 billion in revenue by 2023.

To claim your share of the market, you must have a solid online presence.

Think about it…

Studies show that more than 80 percent of people research a company online before purchasing or visiting their brick and mortar location.

In essence, this means that your SEO game has to be on point.

That way, you can rank high in SERPs, and most importantly, make it easy for your target customers to find your business.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of our favorite DaaS SEO tips to help drive more organic traffic to your site and boost your search rankings.

Fix Anything That Slows Your Website

Have you ever visited a site that takes five minutes to load?

How was the experience? You didn’t like it, right?

Indeed a slow page can frustrate your visitor’s experience and, by extension, prevent them from buying your product.

What we’re trying to tell you here is…

Page speed is an essential SEO factor.

In fact, Strange Loop says delay a minimal as one second can cost you up to 7 percent of your leads.

Further, 40 percent of users leave a website that takes more than three seconds to load, according to eConsultancy.

You see, to a potential customer, a slow website can’t be trusted. That’s it.

And, page speed isn’t crucial to visitors only. Search engines also care about how fast or slow your site is. In 2010, the search giant Google included speed as one of the most crucial ranking factors.

But wait!

Why is page speed critical for DaaS companies?

Because there are plenty of opportunities to generate qualified leads and increase income through SEO for DaaS. Put differently; if your website’s speed sucks, you will not only lose leads but revenue as well.

It means that if your pages are slow, you stand a significantly slim chance to feature on top organic searches irrespective of how good your content is. It won’t even matter if you have the best website design out there.

The question then becomes…

What Do You Need To Fix Or Remove To Speed Up Your Site’s Speed?

  1. Remove themes and plugins you don’t need

  2. Clean up the database

  3. Remove unused media

  4. Declutter the sidebar

  5. Only use essential widgets

Link To Other Sites with Relevant Content

Linking to other websites is good for your DaaS brand.

Sure, you may want to argue that linking to authoritative and relevant pages drives visitors away from your page.

But, the truth is, building links is a fundamental component of SEO.

When you link to other websites, you’re, in essence, helping your reader. It also makes your site resourceful and more valuable.

Look at it this way…

You cannot hope to get inbound links from authoritative websites if you’re not willing to other sites.

The rule of thumb here is that you should only link to pages that offer remarkable value. You may consider reaching out to the website and ask them to link back to you, share your post, or send it to their subscribers.

The takeaway here is that you should aim for quality when linking to other sites. That way you can build brand authority and trust with your target audience.

When Creating Content, Humans Come First

There’s a time you’d create content, splash in lots of keywords, and rank.

Well, that doesn’t happen anymore.

Sure, you have to do thorough keyword research before generating the content, but you’re wasting your time if what you create isn’t valuable.

Before a prospect buys your DaaS product, they want to be sure that it solves his or her problem.

How do you show potential customers that your solution can help them with their pain points?

By creating valuable and informative content that will entice customers to move down your sales funnel.

So, before you put pen to paper, ask yourself:

  1. Who is my target audience?

  2. What problems do they have?

  3. How can my solution help them resolve these problems?

  4. How is my solution better than my competitors?

When you create content with humans in mind, you’re moving them closer to completing a purchase.

Show your prospects that you have a genuine desire to help them. The idea is to make people engage with your content as much as possible.

When this happens, search engines will reward you with higher rankings, enabling you to generate more leads.

Reach Out To Trustworthy Websites For Links

Any serious DaaS business should care about inbound links. After all, it is, to some extent, the force behind high ranking in SERPs.

As stated, it is a good idea to link to other sites. Asking other sites to link to you completes the cycle.

The idea is to help you strike a healthy balance between dofollow and no follow links, and most importantly, build a natural link profile that search engines will notice.

Besides, reaching out to authoritative and trustworthy sites helps boost your content marketing efforts.

The more sites that link to your content, the easier it is for other people to link to your website and share your work.

On top of that, it will help showcase your DaaS brand as a thought leader.

And, when people start coming to your website for helpful content, you’ll find that more readers will link to your site naturally – and that’s good for business.

Have A Strategy To Analyze Your Site From The Get-Go

You need to keep track of your SEO efforts from the day you set up your website.

Search Engine Optimization is in constant motion, so it makes perfect sense to know what’s working and what’s not.

Google Search Console and Google Analytics some of the best free tools you can use to allow you to stay on top of things.

You can also opt for paid tools such as Crazy Egg to give information about where your visitors are clicking and how they exit your website.

Why is it essential to have an analytic tool in place as early as possible?

And, the last thing you want is to spend your time, energy, and money on tactics that will not yield results.

However, with an analytic tool in place, you can quickly change tact if things are not going as expected.

Besides, analytic tools allow you to segment and target your audience better.

Write Relevant And Unique Meta Descriptions For Each Page

As a DaaS startup, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of meta descriptions for SEO.

The meta description is the first thing a potential customer sees when your page appears on Google.

That means you should have a clear and enticing meta description to motivate a user to click through your website and check out your product.

It is essential to mention one thing here – your meta description should be unique and related to your page’s content.

So, before you write meta descriptions, take a lot at your competitors to see what they have on their site and make sure that yours is unique to avoid a Google penalty for duplicate content.

Speaking of relevancy, you cannot, for example, have a similar meta description for a page that talks about geography data services and one on business data.

You can use plugins such as Yoast to help you deal with duplicate meta descriptions.

Ensure Your URLs Are Readable

Make sure that visitors and search engines can read and understand your URL.

And we’re not saying that you cannot have a long URL.

You can keep it long but make sure it’s easy to understand for search engines and users. Also, avoid using numbers and dates in your URL.

I know what you’re thinking.

How can Google bots understand what a URL is all about?

You see, search engines rely on users to help them figure out what a page is talking about. Think of the bots as newborns that have to be spoon-fed.

But isn’t RankBrain supposed to be smart? It sure is, but still, bots are programs. You have to guide them.

We recommend that you include two to three words in your URL. That way, your URL is easy to remember and type as well as search engine friendly.

The infographic below has useful pointers on how to optimize your page URLs.

Boost Your Brand Awareness Using Social Media

Did you know that social media channels are search engines too?

Yup! That’s right.

Nowadays, potential customers don’t just use Google to look things up. They also go to social media channel to check what they’re looking for.

As a DaaS company, you want to build your brand’s momentum using social signals.

Sure, social signals aren’t part of Google’s ranking factors, but the truth is, social signals have an impact on search engine rankings.

Do you think this is a far-fetched claim?

Well, a couple of case studies show that social shares, tweets, likes, and pins influence search engine ranking.

Take Moz, for example.

The company’s ranking for “SEO beginner’s guide” increased after Smashing Magazine tweeted the guide.

How do you boost social signals for your DaaS brand?

Here’s how:

  1. Create valuable content that your target audience can’t resist sharing on social platforms

  2. Include share buttons in your posts to make it easy for readers to share your content

  3. Ask people to share your content

  4. Mention and link to a social media influencer in your posts. Request them to share the post.

  5. Run social media content and award users to get the most shares.

On that note, you can learn more about how to use social media to grow your business here.

Include Keywords In Your Images

Images are an important element of SEO…so important that Google has an exclusive section of search results dedicated to them.

So, why should you include keywords in your images?

Your prospects use keywords when looking for images.

In essence, this means make it necessary to use relevant keywords when naming your images. The keywords should also feature in image captions.

It is essential to note that while it is good to use keywords in your images, this isn’t a free pass to stuff keywords in your posts.

Publish Unique Content

This is a no brainer, right?

You MUST generate and post unique content frequently if you want to conquer the search engines.

Even though this sounds pretty straightforward, the Content Marketing Institute says that most marketers find creating unique, valuable, and engaging content challenging.

So, whether you’re selling your DaaS products to other businesses or directly to customers, you must remain consistent with your content quality.

Also, aim to generate evergreen content.

Ideally, you want to keep your readers coming back long after you’ve published your post.

The Bottom Line

As a DaaS business that wants to stay ahead of the curve, you must learn the art of SEO.

The more online visibility your brand has, the easier it is to generate leads.

Plus, when you dominate search engines for specific keywords, your target market will start to see you as an authority and won’t have a problem spending their money on what you’re selling.

As mentioned, SEO keeps changing. What worked several years ago may not give you the desired results today.

And, because running a successful DaaS business requires a well-thought-out SEO strategy, it makes perfect sense to hire a reputable SEO agency to help you out.

GrowthGenerators is an experienced SEO service that can offer a helping hand with an SEO campaign.

We’re dedicated to helping businesses succeed by creating and implementing actionable SEO strategies.

With our experience, you can be sure to experience positive ROI on your SEO efforts and, most importantly, grow your revenue and profits.

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your SEO needs and how best we can develop a winning formula.

Hit us up today. We’re waiting!


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