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What To Know When Hiring Us As A Wix Partner

Getting Started With Growth Generators Wix Partner

After receiving your project and getting in contact with us, you will be paired with one of our Wix designers. The Wix partner will begin asking you questions about exactly what you’re looking for in your website.

To get the ball rolling, you first must add us as an Admin on your website. We need full access to your website to create a backup copy in case anything goes wrong.

Time and time again, we have edited a website only for the owner to make changes easing our work. (We often see this when switching from the Classic Editor to Wix ADI mode. Follow our 2-minute step-by-step YouTube video to see how this is done!

How To Add A Contributor On Wix

Brainstorming For Your Project

After adding Growth-Generators as an admin, our team can begin to dive into your site and begin creating a project outline in our project management system known as Clickup. While our team works to get you set up, we need you to begin gathering the necessary information to build out your website.

This includes:

  1. Reference websites – It could be any website. All we are looking for is design elements you would like to see!

  2. Fonts & Colors you would like to use – We recommend matching this to your existing logo or marketing materials if you have.

  3. Gathering Your Files – This includes all images you would like to see on the website as backgrounds or even product images if that applies to you.

  4. Writing Copy – You know your business best. When it comes to specific information, we find it best if you write your own copy. We can always edit it and run it through our AI writers to expand if needed.

  5. Point Of Contact – All websites need a place for clients to contact you as the owner. Please provide the proper information for us so we can connect everything properly.

  6. Define Your Goals – Decide what exactly you’re building this website for; is it to sell products, share a story or information, or maybe even signups for an event or organization. All these factors will differ the way the site is laid out. Our designers will tailor the website to your specific goals.

When it comes to organizing your files (if you have already), we recommend making folders either on your desktop or a web-based storage platform. It’s best to label the folders with keywords that will help our designers differentiate everything.

Once your folders are created, you can upload them to the main Dropbox folder supplied to you by one of our designers.

Web design with a Wix partner

Online E-Commerce Stores

If you’re looking to build out an online store, there is a lot more information involved because adding products can become super tricky due to the information needed.

Because of this, we have created a spreadsheet that you must fill out for us to upload your products. (Your first 10-15 products are included.) The spreadsheet is laid out in a simple manner with links to show you exactly how to insert images properly, so we know what images go with each product. The spreadsheet also houses all the necessary information such as: product names, descriptions, and prices. You can view this spreadsheet for more information.

building a website with Wix Partner

Beginning Work On The Wix Website

As our designers begin to tackle your project, it’s important to remain in contact. This will help in case there are any issues with either the design or the information that is provided. All updates will be made on the duplicated version of your website (unless otherwise noted). You will be able to review these updates and changes through our Designer Platform called Markup. Within Markup, you can review the changes test the changes as a functioning website (when in the browse mode). You can also drop pins to leave comments and attach files anywhere on the website (when in the comment mode).

How To Use MarkUp To Give Feedback To Your Developers

The Different Stages Of Building A Website With Wi Partme

One of the main differences between us and other partners is our attention to detail and workflow thanks to our project management system. We document and monitor our projects each and every day. Our system will automatically remind us to follow-up or check-in to make sure we are completing the project properly.

Running Into Issues?

When it comes to web design, there is a lot of information that needs to share with one another to complete the project to its fullest potential. Because of this, we use numerous tools, like Clickup and Markup, to help us share as much information as possible safely and securely. When it comes to issues that are either hard to figure out on your own or on our part, our team can create a short video called a Loom to share with you to either help resolve the problem or demonstrate the issue on our part. These videos often include a screen recording and a voiceover explaining exactly what is happening. We have found these videos to be extremely helpful for many of the same reasons as Markup. You can view the videos at any time, and they never disappear. This means that you can review them multiple times and follow the step-by-step instruction instead of trying to remember how we did it over the phone two weeks ago!

Here’s an example:

Other Things To Know

Because our projects can become complex rather quickly, there are a few other things to note. It’s important that you stay in direct contact with your designer; after working on hundreds of websites, we have found the biggest holdup in the web design process is YOU! Your feedback is crucial to the outcome of the project. If we don’t hear from you for long, we put the project on hold. While on hold, our designers will be working on something new. If you do get back into contact with us, we will pull the next available designer for your project, but it may be a few days before we can begin work again.

Another thing to note is after your initial deposit; we ask you to make your final payment before the transfer of website ownership  back to you. In the meantime, Growth-Generators will be the official owners of the website and will have control over the content within the website.

If we don’t receive the payment  on time and in full, we remove and take down the website until the final payment. We will always have a full backup of your website on file in case of emergency or in case you need it down the road. Within Wix, there are multiple layers of security and data protection, and recognition.  We document and save periodically all changes made on a website. If we make any changes outside of our designer’s work, causing an issue or delay, you we will bill for the time it takes to fix those issues. Too many times, we have either been in the middle of or finished a project, just to have a client or an employee of theirs go in and break a workflow or change design elements without realizing it.  Wix will record and document all these issues. Once we transfer the website back to you as the owner, you are responsible for any changes that take place that cause damage to the website. We at Growth-Generators will be happy to help you fix it, but this will open a new project in our system with a new proposal and bill.

building a website with Wix

Wrapping Up The Project

When it comes time to wrap up the project, you will have a fully functioning website with all the necessary information that was agreed upon at the time the contract was signed. One thing we like to stress to our clients is that now that you have a website, you have to find ways to drive people to the website; people aren’t going to magically stumble onto your site out of nowhere. We highly recommend checking out our YouTube channel for more information about Search Engine Optimization or even researching it yourself; there is so much great information out there! One of the best ways to get the ball rolling on your website is by writing blogs; this helps show Google that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re an expert in your field of work. If you’re interested in something like this or even pay-per-click ads, feel free to reach out to us for our monthly packages to help you get started!


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