People often ask, "what is a content creator?" They're not exactly sure why they are so important for their company.

The goals of today’s blog are to uncover why content creators are so crucial for companies to hire and how these companies can turn their employees into content creators.

Now more than ever, the race to get to the top of Google is not an option for companies. It's mandatory to make it to the top to gain traffic to their websites.

Unfortunately, it's not easy to make it to the top. I've covered everything in blogs from SEO to creating good content and converting weak leads to quality leads.

Read more about SEO and it's importance here.

We do this for educational purposes...

However, being a content creator and figuring out why they're so important is the simple goal of this blog.

One of the main reasons to create content regularly is to educate people. Educating visitors is one of the best ways to convert potential leads.

Another benefit of educating visitors is that it helps them discover the advantages of hiring your company and turns them from visitors to hot leads. It is understandable that this can be seen as giving the knowledge away on how to do things, but that's the benefit of reading the site.

Keep giving whenever you can. Essentially lay the yellow brick road of everything you do.

Content creators are not  just people that write blogs. They are people that are creating content on all platforms to reach their target audience.

They are creating content for a variety of different outlets. Everything from email campaigns to social media as well as ranking you in Google.

Why Are They So Important?

They are the leaders in the race to ranking you on google and converting traffic/followers into money. If you think about it, in a strange way a content creator is going to be working on everything that your customers are going to see.

Content creators are the real heroes when it comes to getting digital leads online.  It has been spoken quite a bit here already about content marketing and how content marketing is going to impact your business. However, with content marketing usually there's the quarterback, and that's really where the content creator ultimately shines when it comes to a company and or working with influencers.

In this blog, we will go over some of the responsibilities that content creators have along with how they succeed and the software that they use to help when it comes to building a content marketing plan.

Staying Relevant

The first and most important goal of a content creator is staying relevant. Content creators need to know exactly what is going on, not only in their industry, but in their client's industries as well.

There are several ways a content creator will achieve their goals. Some of them may be through subscriptions, while others may be speaking to clients about what's going on, and others will watch trends from working with clients for long periods of time.

For example, if you're a winery you understand the grapes grow and get harvested once a year per vine.  If you're harvesting or getting grapes delivered you know when the grapes are going to be harvested.

A content creator can then let the customers of the winery know that it is time for winemaking season again. They may blast a post out on social media or also reach people directly with a email campaign to generate interest. This will put revenue dollars in the winery pocket as well as making it easier for them to manage getting barrels filled.


Content creators will typically create some kind of plan for their clients.  For example, this could be based on goals that the client is trying to achieve as well as other characteristics such as something as simple as a social media calendar.  

Also during the planning stage, a social media calendar is exceptionally useful. When organized correctly by a content creator or social media manager, it's incredibly effective in reaching your ideal client because the content creator will typically not only know the trends going on in the business, but they should be keeping up to date on the platform and different ways to market whatever you're trying to get out to the customer.

Platform Knowledge

This sounds pretty self-explanatory, but with dozens of social media websites to use and four of them being some of the most popular on the market, they are all trying to compete. It's because of this that content creators not only need to know about each platform and how to use, it but also different changes that might be coming down the pipeline that could affect how they perform their duties for a company.

An example of this is when Twitter came out with the new 280 character tweets. That was double what they had offered prior, and as silly as it sounds, could change the way a company is going to work in their space actively.

Ability to learn quickly

Content creators are extremely quick to learn about different industries. Some of them have specialties where they only work in small verticals. Others are incredibly well-rounded and they understand that the companies that they are going to be working with can vary greatly.

They need to be able to learn and pick up on prevailing trends and things going on in the industry that that company is more than likely going to tell them.


How to promote content and how to promote themselves and the brands they work for is an extremely crucial role that content creators not only use, but need to be able to deliver to their clients.

We'll use the winery example again. The company that harvests grapes once a year from California and another part of the year from South America is a unique challenge for content creators.

Here's why:

They need to know exactly what's going on in their local area and around the vineyard. This is because they have to begin to plan and be able to promote the content that is going to be created to start driving traffic to their customers.

They also need to understand their exact market that they're going to be able to hit.  Having this knowledge, they're going to begin to create content that is going to appease that specific target audience.

A content creator uses a variety of software to help do their job. However, being able to officially monetize is not always the easiest challenge because not all customers understand the ROI ( Return on investment ) of what a content creator does. Sometimes it's very easy to see and understand what kind of work is going into a project a content creator is working on.

On the flip side of things, because content creators do a variety of different things such as blogging, social media, email marketing, and more, it's not always so simple to say an Instagram post may have converted a customer.  

With that in mind, there are different strategies and techniques a content creator can use, as well as analytics software which can keep track of potential clients and how they're interacting with all of your content across all platforms.  

Theoretically, at the end of the day, the content creator should be able to prove some kind of results of that what they're doing is working for a company. More often than not, they could show their efforts converted customers' internet engagement into profits.

Personally, one of my favorite attributes that content creators have is creativity. They think outside the box with every topic they work on. They are constantly looking for different angles and approaches to reach target customers to monetize content by turning views into customers.  

My other favorite part about content creators is they are passionate about what they do and how they help their customer.

Here at Baron Media Group, everyone who works for us is some kind of content creator. On top of that, if they're not as passionate about a client, they should be extremely excited about the company they work for.

All of that will show through and what they're creating for the company to publish.

Know Target Audiences

Content writers are good at knowing exactly what their target audience is looking for.

They understand the companies they're working for. Through this understanding, the customer experience allows content creators to not only develop a plan that is not only going to be effective but also create content on a more consistent basis.  

Why Is This So Important?

The truth is, sometimes social media is not very effective for business.

There have been businesses that have grown in this world who never used social media. They also understand that the business can be built entirely on social media and doesn't necessarily need blogs or anything written on the website to sell the product.

A simple and excellent example of this is something like sunglasses. When there could be articles written day after day about how they protect your eyes, but I think it is a general standard that most people know sunglasses are good for your eyes.  

What people care most about is how they look. Using social media to leverage this is just one example of how content creators understand where they need to allocate their time and effort to get the best return on investment (ROI).

Know Key Performance Indicators -  KPIs

Key performance indicators are a simple way for content creators and businesses to understand what is effective and what is a waste of time.  

Understanding how businesses rank their KPIs is extremely important for anyone doing business with them. If you provide a product that might help them succeed in one area, but they do not measure that area because in their eyes it doesn't help them succeed, then your product will never sell.  

Fortunately for content creators, their target client is usually one that wants to put dollar bills inside the paying customers pocket. For this reason, they know exactly what that company is looking to measure. It might be inbound leads or maybe it is simply gathering email addresses. Those are some things that companies can measure and see regular data to know if a content creator is doing their job.  

Sometimes it's not all about creating content but being organized and appealing to businesses because they measure different data.  For example, if they have an email list and the item they care most about is adding emails to their email list, a content creator may simply make the button to collect the emails a different color to help catch the eye of someone viewing their site.

Testing this over time can show a direct impact on how likely the website is able convert somebody from just a site visitor to somebody actually entering their information to find out more.

Solution Builder

Building in a solution is usually one of the most important things anyone can do for their business especially a business owner.  Knowing their angle or knowing what they're looking for in their eyes to succeed is extremely important. A content creator understands the visions and goals of a company to help build and tailor their own solutions.

Sometimes businesses have unrealistic expectations (mind blowing, I know) not only for their companies but for their customers as well. Jokes aside, this isn't always a bad thing. However, managing expectations is probably one of the biggest tasks a content creator can do.

Everyone wants to be famous on Instagram.  

If by chance you don't, it's because you don't understand how much money people make on social media. People have this idea that once they make a couple posts they will be instantly famous or they will be popular among the world.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. It's because of this trend that content creators consistently have to make sure they are not only reaching their ideal clients but that they are creating content that equates to the same goals as the company they are working for.  They must set realistic expectations and do their best to meet and exceed them.


Feel free to test them out for yourself. They are all pretty self-explanatory and go check out their links to learn more about each one.

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Turning Employees Into Content Creators

At this point, you're probably curious to know how you can get ahold of a content creator.  Chances are pretty good that if you employ people, you already have people that could be creating content for you.

One thing we see regularly is people not taking advantage of the solutions and creators they have around them. Here at Baron Media Group, we tell everyone that if they don't want to try creating their own content themselves,  they should ask their employees to do some kind of content creation.  

A general rule of thumb is if you have any number of employees working for you, they should be able to produce a blog, several Instagram photos, or Facebook posts regularly.  

How Regular Is Regularly?

Employees should be creating this on at least a quarterly basis if not more often.

The best part of having employees is, by requiring them to do it regularly, it will immediately start to impact the business in a variety of different ways.

If you do the math and you have 50 employees, and you require all of them to create an article on how they do their job or what they do for the company or how it impacts them, it will immediately give you content that you can produce for your company.

Even if they do it every quarter, you are going to be adding over 200 different pieces of content to not only your website, but to any platform you choose.

The importance of creating good content and having your employees create the content for you is one of the easiest ways to have your employees help grow the company!

This will also to help your employees feel appreciated because they get to speak about what they do and educate the user on all the hard work they do.

Key Habits Content Creators Possess

Very Likable

Content creators need to be when working with different organizations. Both sides need to work in sync for the relationship to be as effective as possible. If it is a content creator inside the company they also need to be liked by everyone, they are going to be asking other employees constantly for information to help everyone reach the same goal.

They Produce Content For Themselves

A good content creator is not only going to be producing content for the organizations they're working for, but they're going to be producing content for themselves regularly. This could mean anything from their own personal stuff to maybe side projects that they are part of.  

If they're creating it for themselves, it's purely out of love and passion for what they do, and that's a very crucial habit they should contain.

They Question Everything

Content creators are more than likely going to question everything. They see things in a different light than other companies and industries have never seen before. They do this because they're regularly using various technologies and different methods to reach their ideal customer.

Because of this, it allows them to think outside the box frequently.

On The Pulse

This cannot be stressed enough!!!

It's so important that a content creator is always researching and looking at what new technologies are available. They are also looking for changes on different platforms that they regularly use so that when the changes are made, they can stay ahead of the curve. This is  imperative when it comes to how they work and changing their course of action. Knowing changes ahead of time that are coming from software companies is only going to help produce the most accurate content.

As you can tell by now, content creators are essential for any company to have. If you're looking for your company and not sure where to start, please reach out. We provide webinars every month to help companies grow absolutely free. If you're interested, please sign up for our newsletter!

Thanks for reading!

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Published on:

June 8, 2021