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Can My IT Techs Create Content?

You know that having quality content is essential to the success of your IT business.

The question is:

Can you trust your IT techs to churn out the content on your site? After all, you’d expect them to know more about your company and what it does than an outsider, right?

Sure, it makes perfect sense to task your IT techs with writing content for your site. However, generating web copy involves more than just putting words together.

Of course, you want well-written and SEO-optimized content that will rank well in SERPs and, most importantly, speaks to your prospect in a language they can understand.

Even though your IT techs may understand your business, they may not necessarily be good at creating content.

This post takes a critical look as to whether it is helpful to entrust content writing for your IT business to your techs.

Pros & Cons Of Allowing IT Techs To Create Content

The primary reason you’d want your IT team to generate content for your website is to save money.

You can make considerable savings if you have an in-house writing team. But that’s just about it. Seriously.

On the flip side…

Writing Content Is Time Consuming

While you want your technicians to help in your brand’s growth, you’re better off letting them do other things such as developing new products.

Besides, your team may spend more time trying to generating content ideas instead of working on other areas of your business leading to a negative ROI.

Your techs will waste even more time if they don’t have a writing background.

Content Creation Requires Passion

Your employees may understand your company better, but the truth is, writing web copy calls for passion.

Plus, your technicians maybe passionate experts at a few aspects of your company. Do you know what this means?

That implies they’ll create content that focuses on some areas of your business and neglect others. You don’t want that, do you?

You Might Cap Your Tech’s Full Potential

Let’s be honest…

You didn’t hire your IT technicians to develop content for your website. So, when you allow them to generate content, you’re preventing them from exploring other things that could benefit your company’s overall growth.

In other words, using your techs to generate content can shift their focus from the core concerns of your business.

Writing Involves Cramming

If writing were easy, lots of business owners would do it.

Why do you think most IT companies hire writers?

Writing is a skill that requires cramming. You technicians may have incredible skills at developing and improving products but poor when it comes to writing.

Even if your team has hundreds of remarkable ideas, they may not have the skills to arrange their thoughts in a high-engaging web copy.

Besides, their writing voice might not be in line with your target audience. Further, it takes time to learn the best SEO practices.

Writing Requires Dedication

You cannot have your IT tech working on a customer’s product in the morning and write content in the afternoon.

You must have a dedicated team that can churn out content regularly. Remember, the information technology market is highly competitive, so drafting fifty or even one hundred pages of content may not be enough to help you outperform your competitors.

Note – Some of the most successful IT companies upload content every day.

Clearly, the disadvantages of allowing your IT tech to create content far outweigh the advantages.

So, what should you do? How can you make sure that the copy on the website is high-quality, engaging, and capable of converting your leads into sales?

The first step to ensuring that you get the best content for your site is hiring an experienced professional writing company/agency.

Here’s why:

You Can Get Frequent Content Updates

One of the benefits of hiring a writer is that you can update your content regularly.

And the best part is that a professional writer who understands your business can suggest the topic to write, allowing you to make your team concentrate on other areas of running your business.

You can also send a brief to your agency and let them develop a detailed web copy from the simple instructions.

Google loves fresh content, and generating copy for your site regularly ensures you remain relevant.

Besides, frequent updates trigger the search engine to index your site more often.

Your Content Gets A “Sense Of Direction”

Let’s say you have two or three IT techs writing for your website.

Each of these technicians will have different approaches to the way they write.

Ultimately, you may end up having an unclear brand voice, and that can leave your readers confused or not interested in reading your copy.

With a professional writing agency such as GrowthGenerators on your side, however, you can be sure to add a solid dimension to the content on your website.

Moreover, an experienced writer will ensure that your brand’s message remains consistent – and that’s essential in keeping your readers coming back.

You Can Get New Content Ideas

Running a successful IT company requires a lot of dedication from you as the owner and your IT techs.

Your commitment to see your business may mean that you don’t have time to keep up with everything that’s happening in your industry.

A good writer can help bring new ideas and approaches to the way you create content. More specifically, a professional writing agency can pinpoint the latest developments in your industry.

The idea is to give your company a reputation for knowing what’s happening in the market.

Your Content Gets a Professional Touch

Here’s the thing – not everyone can write.

Sure, you might write a couple of paragraphs here and there, but that doesn’t mean you can generate high-quality content.

A professional writer can develop well-curated content that’s fit for both your prospects and search engines.

Plus, content that shows you know what you’re talking about will help you become an authority in your niche.

Sidenote: The more high-quality your web copy is, the more professional your company looks.

Your Content Can Have A Unique Selling Point

The best content should lead your prospects down the sales funnel and give them a reason to buy your product.

Simply put, your web copy must have a unique selling point that sets your brand apart from competitors.

A professional writer knows how to showcase your strongest selling point. Any writer worth your attention should know how to create an in-depth article that answers your customer’s questions.

Hire a writer who can churn out long-form articles from time to time.


Because long-form posts can generate nine times more leads than shorter articles.

Remember, good content is all about helping your target audience find solutions to their pain points.

You Can Get SEO-Optimized Content

Sure, you should write for people and not search engines.

While this statement is true, it would be best to strike a balance between writing for people and the search engines.

In essence, this means that you must know how to use your keywords and anchor text correctly. On top of that, you should understand how interlinking works.

An experienced and professional writer knows the best SEO writing practices. And, you’d expect that a serious copywriter should keep up with SEO trends.

With such a writer, you don’t have to worry about your business’s content marketing aspect. You can also rest the person handling your content needs can generate a copy that converts visitors into buyers.

You Can Benefit from Content Repurposing

Content repurposing is a hot topic these days – and for some good reasons.

If you have a piece of content that your target audience, why not generate more content around that topic?

Content repurposing makes it significantly easy to do that.

For starters, repurposing content involves re-using all or some aspects of your existing content to increase your reach.

Think of it as a way to “transform” your content into a new format. For instance, you can turn your best-performing blog post into an infographic.

Indeed, repurposing content will boost your IT brand’s presence and reach. Even then, it requires some level of skill.

A professional writer can help repurpose your content and, most importantly, do it correctly.

We’re talking about the ability to repackage your old content to sound fresh and appealing to your target audience.

Pro Tip: One of the best ways to use repurposed content is to post it on social media, where it can attract engagement.

In Conclusion

There’s nothing wrong with allowing your IT techs to create content for your company.

However, it would be best if you are extra careful not to end up with low-quality content that doesn’t help grow your brand. In fact, we advise that you hire a professional writing agency unless your techs have writing experience.

Or, train your technicians on how to write content in your brand’s voice if you have a writing background.

But, you don’t have to burden your techs with writing content while you can get curated, high-quality content at the click of a button.

GrowthGenerators is a reliable, professional, and experienced content writing agency with a team of qualified writers ready to help showcase your IT business to the world.

All you need to do is contact us today to discuss your business content needs, and we’ll pick it up from there.

Easy as 1-2-3!

For more on content creation and why it matters, check out this post.


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