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What Are The Best Tools To Help MSPs?

In this post, you’ll find a comparison of the best MSP software so you can choose one that works for your business model.

These MSP tools are versatile and customizable, whether you’re managing B2B integration, supply chain, transportation, media, utilities, or information services.

In this MSP tools review, we’ve selected 7 MSP programs that can adapt to different business needs.

Wait, that’s not all…

We’ve tried to cover a broad spectrum in our list of tools while focusing on the complexity and functionality of each software.

Even so, the choice of one software over the other boils down to your workflow and the specific functions you need to make your work easier. For a deeper look at MSPs and lead generation be sure to check out this post.

Read through and choose what works for you and leverage a free trial to determine the best MSP tool for your business and clients.

Zoho Assist – Best For Remote Support

Customers are central to the success of your MSP business. Today, a client would rather invest more in a company that focuses on their needs and continuously offers value beyond their initial purchase – and that’s where Zoho Assist comes in.

Zoho Assist has our vote for the best remote support software for MSPs.

Ideal for the organization of all sizes, this tool enables IT technicians to support customers remotely irrespective of their location.

Key Features

  1. Concurrent sessions

  2. File transfer

  3. Group-based access to technicians

  4. User management

  5. Chat

  6. Remote print

  7. Robust security and more

Zoho Assist is ideal if you’re in for easy-to-use, super intuitive customer support software. The solution doesn’t require installation at the technician’s end, so you can have it up and running in a few clicks. On top of that, it offers multiple options to initiate a session.

It also provides cross-platform support. That way, you can work on a remote desktop, right from your browser. Meanwhile, the software’s rebranding options allow you to use your company’s name, logo, favicon, and a customized user portal.

Zoho Assist offers a lifetime free plan and paid options available on a monthly subscription basis.


  1. Easy to set up

  2. Affordable

  3. Reliable customer support


  1. You have to log in with almost every visit

Acronis Cyber Backup – Best For Recovery And Backup

Technology fails. Systems get hacked. Glitches occur. Hitches can still happen even if you’re an MSP running on robust security technology coupled with regular checks and random error reporting.

Available in cloud-based and on-premise options, Acronis Cyber is a data backup and MSP solution that offers protection against cyberattacks and operation/production downtime. It also provides fast data recovery.

Key Features

  1. File and folder backup

  2. Disk cloning

  3. Full image backup including cloud workloads from Office 365

  4. Support network-attached storage and shares.

Acronis comes with Universal Restore, a brand-exclusive feature that restores your system to any machine, whether it’s running on Windows or Linux. The software offers a 30 day trial period after which you can sign up for an annual subscription.


  1. User-friendly interface

  2. Easy to add clients and install agents

  3. Extensive suite of backup features


  1. The software takes time to refresh if left unused for long.

Site24x7 – Best For Intrusion Detection

The companies and businesses that MSPs manage are prone to hacking risk and other malicious attacks. Intrusion detection systems such as Site24x7, firewalls, and VPNs allow MSPs to support their customer’s infrastructure and reduce security breaches.

Created by Zoho and one of the best MSP tools in its class, Site24x7 offers monitoring services, including network devices, websites, virtual and on-site services, applications, and more.

Key Features

  1. AI-powered insights

  2. In-depth analytic reports with instant alerting (ensures that your MSP customers are up-to-date with the performance of their IT resources)

  3. Monitoring DNS servers

  4. Recording user-activity in real-time

  5. Synthetic transactions

  6. It also discovers and monitors the performance of network devices such as firewalls, printers, routers, and switches.

Site24x7 is available for on-site resources and virtual servers hosted in private and public clouds such as Azure and AWS.

The solution comes in an assortment of packs for individual users and MSPs searching for an RMM tool for their customers. It offers a 30-day trial and annual subscriptions.


  1. Cost-effective

  2. Easy to deploy, manage and monitor a server

  3. Free demo available

  4. Connects with every conceivable network


  1. You have to revive the service manually if it goes down

LogMeIn Central – Best For Malware Protection

There’s no serious MSP that doesn’t care about data security. You see, your clients trust that your company will keep their critical information and applications secure.

And, with the internet being right in the middle MSP business, it makes perfect sense to detect and get rid of Trojans, spyware, viruses, and other malicious cyberspace threats.

LogMeIn Central helps in monitoring and managing endpoint infrastructure and is also an excellent antivirus management tool.

On top of that, the software comes in handy when you want to monitor your system and group computers according to location.

Key Features

  1. Malware detection and elimination

  2. Single-view dashboard

  3. Allows admins to enable two –factor authentication

  4. Manages alerts for connectivity

LogMeIn Central offers mobile apps for Android and iOS allowing you to monitor your network’s health remotely.

The solution offers a 14-day trial and an annual subscription after that. And then, there’s an online-based community forum for users to discuss fundamental problems.


  1. Remote access to networks

  2. Five-star customer care desk

  3. Easy to install and use


  1. You have to pay for at least 25 workstations/installations.

ConnectWise Manage – Best For Patch Management

Patch updates are crucial for the integrity and efficiency of IT systems. While you can roll out patches manually, it takes a lot of time and is costly. MSPs can benefit significantly from tools that enable them to automate and centralized patch management and deployment.

Undoubtedly one of the best MSP tools for patch management, ConnectWise Manage caters to a range of businesses of all sizes across industries such as finance, marketing, hospitality, and more.

Key Features

  1. Patch management

  2. Backup management

  3. Invoicing

  4. Project management

  5. Integrated dashboard and scheduling

With ConnectWise Manage as part of your MSP tools, you can keep track of your client’s network through parameters such as warranties, serial numbers, configurations, and more.

The solution can also help your team manage customer service agreements better, document agreements, and automate recurring invoices in a central storage location.

Also, ConnectWise enables you to track and resolve issues remotely. Plus, the software is compatible with third-party applications such as Webroot, Acronis, Cisco, and more. What’s more?

The solution is available on the premise and in the cloud.

ConnectWise Manage offers a 30-day trial and paid subscription package.


  1. Round-the-clock support via live chat.

  2. Offers a host of MSP-friendly functionalities

  3. Supports automation


  1. Significantly slow

Solarwinds MSP RMM – Best For Remote Monitoring Management

Regularly monitoring and managing IT infrastructure can be challenging even for established MSPs. RMM tools streamline and centralize essential functions such as database administration, application monitoring, and virtual machine management.

MSP RMM by Solarwinds is a top RMM tool that enables you to deliver a secure, effective, and reliable service from any environment.

Available in cloud-based and on-premises, this solution boasts “Active Discovery,” a groundbreaking feature that offers visibility for all active and inactive devices on your customer’s network.

In the meantime, the problem-reporting feature of this software enables you to see glitches with any device connected to your client’s network. And, when used alongside a patch management tool such as ConnectWise Manage, MSP RMM allows administrators to deliver software updates and resolve bugs to any connected device.

MSP RMM offers support through a knowledge-based community, email, and phone. The trial period is 30 days.

Key Features

  1. Service Desk integration

  2. Customized scripting

  3. Network discovery

  4. Endpoint detection manager


  1. Super intuitive interface

  2. A broad range of tools


  1. The remote display cannot freeze

Halo PSA – Best For Professional Service Automation

Professional service automation technology is an integral part of any IT business. Apart from providing structure, PSA software offers the functionality MSPs need to operate smoothly and efficiently.

A versatile PSA tool will provide a broad range of functions such as project and document management and invoicing, and schedule management. By automating these tasks and others, the PSA tool enables MSPs to save time and increase productivity.

Halo PSA is cloud and on-premise PSA software designed with MSPs in mind. This tool offers everything MSPs need to centralize operations into one completely configurable system from super-responsive workflows and thorough service analytics.

Key features

  1. Inventory and catalog management

  2. Service desk operations

  3. Auto-discovery

Compatibility with other third-party applications such as Slack, Sage, and Xero

Halo PSA allows your teams to manage the entire lifecycle of assets, items, and contracts.

Access and remote management enable users to visualize and track configurations while ensuring that incidents are identified and logged out before major systematic glitches happen. Halo PSA offers a 30 day trial period followed by an annual subscription.


  1. Easy to configure

  2. Easily integrates with other systems.


  1. Steep learning curve

Here’s A Comparison Table of the Best MSP Tools

How To Choose The Best MSP Tool

What should you look for in an MSP tool?

Here are the top features to consider before spending your money on MSP software:

Seamless Onboarding

Choose a solution that’s easy to set up.

On top of that, ensure that the software you go can monitor devices and deploy agents without the need to spend too much time on installation.


The best MSP tool isn’t the most expensive and vice versa. Choose a solution that offers the features your business requires without leaving a hole in your wallet.

Patch Management

An MSP solution that offers good patch management allows you to identify the correct patch and provides useful information in future incidents.

Remember, the ability to work on software patches goes a long way in minimizing vulnerabilities that MSP businesses face.

Alert Management

Choose an MSP tool that can identify and notify you or agents about any glitches on connected devices. Alerts can be something as simple as a software update or service disruptions.


Automation is essential as your MSP business expands its operation. The best MSP tool for automation should allow you to manage new and existing workloads. Besides, a tool that offers automation enables you to scale your business without compromising your services’ quality.

Remote Access

Invest in MSP software that allows you to access connected devices at the comfort of your hand from a smartphone, tablet, etc.

That way, you can enjoy seamless communication with your client’s devices and data. By extension, this enables you to fix issues from anywhere.

Mobile Apps

Choose an MSP tool that offers a mobile app. Why? Well, because it allows your agents to work on the go. Think of it as an element to increase your team’s flexibility. Simply put, your team doesn’t have to be in front of their systems to accomplish tasks that require constant monitoring.

Internal Collaboration

Get MSP software that enables smooth communication between your team, and you have a winner! With such a tool, you can be sure that agents will avoid tedious tasks and, most importantly, keep them informed about problems another agent is working on.


As an MSP, you must stay on top of reports and analytics. Invest in a solution that captures the right information and in easy to understand format.


Picture this. You have several MPS tools. Even so, you can only use one tool at a time. Now, that’s inconvenient for sure. Integration software allows you to use multiple tools simultaneously, increasing your team’s overall efficiency while saving time.


“Having a solid VoIP plan and even a online fax solution is vital to success. Even with how far we are with technology faxing is still alive and well in many industries. ” – Olivia Tan, the Co-founder at CocoFax

The Bottom Line

Growth Generators is a digital marketing service for IT companies, including MSPs.

We offer advice on how to scale your MSP business and, most importantly, stay ahead of the curve.

Our services include web design, SEO implementation, content creation, backlinking and inbound marketing.

Get in touch with us today if you want help with MSP marketing. We will put your business on the map, generate leads, create a robust presence on social media and increase revenue.

Book your free MSP website review with the Growth Generators team today.


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