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Why Your Website Needs A Blog [And Why It Has To Be Active]

This was a question I got from someone. I wanted to offer the most unbiased information I can and break down the science of why it’s so important. I think it’s best I frame the question and concern they had so I can accurately display why it’s so important.

Their statement:

“I have a blog we update but, I don’t want our company to be on the top of Google because we don’t wish to get those types of leads. We want leads from other professionals because that’s the business we are in.”

This immediately got my gears turning and said I should answer this question because this person may not know how influential a good blog can be and how all SEO is good SEO and getting unqualified leads from your website is the best problem to have.

Yes, you read that right. Having unqualified leads come from your website is the best problem to have! Why? It immediately gives you a direction and focuses on what you need to do before people reach out to contact you.

I always recommend to all my customers to create an e-book or blog articles answering all the most common questions they get asked. Building this will immediately qualify and disqualify prospects.

If you send someone an e-book on what you do and how you work that answers all the standard questions, the next time you have a conversation with them is going to very easy. You as the businessperson and they as the consumer will be able to speak the same language.

If the conversation continues, they are only going to be qualifying themselves as a customer to buy from you!

Sound Too Good To Be True?

It is true, and it works that’s why so many companies offer e-books and blogs to help disqualify people who will never buy.

Let’s Answer The Question Of Why Your Website Needs A Blog

Google is a giant algorithm. It’s a series of mathematical and logical sequences that goes along crawling the internet looking for relevant articles to help answer the questions people put into Google.

Because of the way Google is developed it’s not quite able to see and know everything in an image and understand videos all that well. That’s why tags and hashtags were made. To help search engines and social media apps find what you’re looking for.

How Does A Blog Help?

When Google crawls to your website it reads and tries to understand the website and understand the gist of the site. It also tries to read your blog and see what’s relevant in your blog; such as tags you have, how it’s structured, and relevant information.

From there it’s going to test your blog. It will begin to show your blog to different people and see if they read the blog and how long they spend on the website.

If it sees people spending a lot of time on the site and blog, it knows it’s doing a good job. This is because Google thinks it matched someone to a good website that answers their questions.

Google from there will begin to slowly rank you higher in its search results over time because hopefully it’s sending traffic to your website and the traffic finds it attractive. This makes Google happy because Google’s job is to match the right sites to the right questions or searches.

When done correctly, everyone wins. The website creator and blog writer win by getting traffic and Google can charge more for ad space on top because it realizes it’s a potentially hot topic, and if you want to earn the top spot you have to put in the work or pay for it.

Thank you for reading!


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