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Top Reasons To Write A Blog For Your Website

Blogs are a source of inspiration. They help people and businesses solve their problems. They also come in the category of informal writing, where the writers often convey their message or thought conversationally.

Thus, blogs are an essential aspect of content marketing. Here, you learn the importance of blogging for your website and how it can get your business found online.

Should Your Website Have A blog?

In this present era of inbound marketing, you need blogs to market your business and introduce your customers to your product or service. The most common way of representing a business venture online is via a website.

The content of the blog that you write on your website is a source of traffic to it. In the jargon of marketing, the traffic of your blog is the number of people that land on it. Additionally, the readers of a blog often fill the forms at the end or click the links of the website’s different pages. In this way, the blogs that you put on your website become a source of traffic to your website. Moreover, this is a way that different individuals learn about your business.

Even if someone does not know how your service can be useful for them, they learn about your service from your blogs to find out how your service can benefit them in any way. Blogs help you establish your brand as a leader in a particular industry or niche. It also helps you boost your relations with your customers. Blogs are a vital aspect of social media marketing.

The content you share about your business on social media is mostly a blog post, article, or a helpful E-book. Blogs are the voice of your business and a pivotal aspect of social media marketing. Blogs also answer many questions customers may have about your service or your industry.

What Are Benefits Of Writing A Blog?

Blogs help you build the credibility of your business enterprise. This is a way that different entities learn about your services and contact you to avail them.

With relevant and engrossing posts, you can increase the traffic to your website and thus the number of clients that you get. Ultimately, they are are essential for promoting your business.

Blogging For Business

A person looking for guidance on how to settle a debt in Oregon will most likely contact Solosuit as it explains the process from the start to finish, and how the company helps resolve the issue.

This is the power of blogging. In the digital space, one of the best ways to get noticed is by publishing engaging content. Blogs are also an important aspect of creating a brand identity. They help in social media marketing and email marketing by imparting momentum to them.

You can create your blog posts to create a brand identity, brand awareness. They also help people solve their miscellaneous problems. By writing on topics that solve problems of people or which interest them, you also create more clients for your business.

For instance, a person looking for guidance on how to settle a debt in Oregon will most likely contact Solosuit as it explains the process from the start to finish, and how the company helps resolve the issue. This is the power of blogging.

The company also shares its blog posts on various channels of social media to generate interest for its business. You can leverage them to make your business stand out. The posts you write must surpass that of your competitor.

The greater the competition in your domain of business, the more effort is that you must put in blogs so that it attracts a certain search volume so that your business gains more traction.

Blogging Independently

Start your very own blog that solves a problem or piques the interest of the readers. You can start writing SEO-optimized blog posts and articles on a variety of topics that you think can be interesting to write.

You can then sell that blog or get paid for running ads on those blogs. This earns you a passive income.

Why Is It Important To Post On Your Blog Regularly?

Presently, there is tough competition between different businesses online, which compete against each other to get traffic to their website. To increase the traffic to the website, the blogs on that website must also show in the top search results of Google.

Blog writing is an important aspect of digital marketing, in addition to other methods for online traffic generation, which include Google ads, LinkedIn ads, Pay Per Click (PPC), amongst others.

The other method is social media marketing and running ads on different social networks. By updating your posts regularly, you tell your clients about the important updates in your service.

You can also write posts to offer reviews about your products or those of other manufacturers. You can write product reviews, book reviews, article reviews, and so on. This will help you increase traffic to your blog.

Why Have A Blog On Your Website?

You need to have a blog on your website to let your clients or leads know how your business can solve their problems. It is an important strategy for lead generation. A blog is a means to communicate about your business, solve problems, and build trust for your enterprise.

Not only that your leads read your blog, but they also comment on it. This way, you can build awareness about your business and get more clients for it.

Explain A Procedure

You can write your blog to communicate about a procedure relevant to your service. Certain procedures and methods need to be explained to your clientele, and blogs are an effective medium for doing so.

Think about it, what easier? Having a step by step blog that explains how you do what you do or having multiple customers call you to ask the same question over and over again.

Customers will always do their due diligence and google any questions they may have, so why not create a blog about those frequently asked questions.

Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons

Readers can click on those Call-To-Action buttons, which lead them to your website, or they may subscribe to your marketing emails which are an important way for generating leads.

Some of the examples of those CTAs include free offers, find out more, downloads, and options to subscribe to the mailing list.

So, why’s this important?

Well, creating that call to action really entices the reader to sign up for those marketing emails so they don’t miss out or buy the product or service. You want to make sure you always have a call to action at the end, or else why write a blog if you’re not going to try route the customer to your website.

Blogs Stay In Search Results For Long

The blogs indexed by the search engines stay in the search results for a long, which shows that your blog can still generate leads till a year after you publish it. Though you need to be patient during the process as it may take your blog sometime to generate interest for the readers and rank in the search results.

You need to be careful while choosing the topics for your blog posts so that they stay in the search results for long and be of interest to your target audience.

They are a voice foryour business.

Google ranks the best quality blogs on the top of its search results. This will help your business grow and help you network professionally.

Promoting Your Blog

Blogs cannot succeed if they are not promoted aptly by using social media marketing and SEO tools.

By improving your blog on social media, you increase access to your blog to increase its readership. In this way, your blog also circulates on social media as anyone who finds it interesting keeps sharing it.

Blogging For Students

Presently, students generate a side income by writing blogs. In this way, they can create awareness about their professional skills that help them find employment. Blogs also help in professional networking, so students benefit from doing it.

Creating Your Blog

You can start your blog by creating your website. For that purpose, you will have to purchase a domain name and hosting.

Several systems to manage your content, such as WordPress are available, where you write your blog, make them more readable, and optimize them by doing search engine optimization.

There are several plugins on WordPress that you can use to optimize your blog.

Blogs For Professionals

Professionals benefit from blogs as it helps them offer their services online if they want to start a business, or they can read posts that help them in their professional or personal life in some way.

For example, if I wanted to pressure wash my house I would google things such as “how to pressure wash” or“ Pros and cons of pressure washing.”

Then I would read the articles/blog posts and if it’s written with a CTA I would eventually get routed to that professionals website where I would then make the decision to either hire them to pressure wash my home or keep reading their blogs. Either one is a win win for the company!

The Importance Of Starting A Blog

Additionally, there are several benefits to writing a blog. They are a great source for marketing your business online or for professional networking. You can also start a blog as a hobby. In the digital age, blogs are one of the important sources of information.

Blogs are mostly about the topics that are current and are of interest to a large audience. SEO tools, such as the Google Keyword Planner Tool, or Ashref help you find the most frequent Google search terms.

You can also create posts on the topics of the most frequent search terms that rank your blog in the top search results of Google. Google ranks blogs based on several factors, and the use of the most frequently searched search terms is one of those factors.

Blogs give more credibility to your business as they show how you are proficient in your field. They help you share ideas and attain the input of your clientele.

This helps in sustaining long-term customer relations. You can also stuff your blog with relevant images and videos, which make them more interesting to read and explain your content, too, in an interesting way.

Though they are an informal source of information, still, they attract the interest of readers, and they trust the information in them. Writing quality blog posts will solve problems and help your business in lead generation.


Writing and creating ideas or topics can be difficult if you’re not used to it.

Let’s be honest…

Who has the time to do keyword research, identify certain topics that your customers are looking for and finally write a 500-1500 word blog about those topics?

You probably don’t because you have a business to run and grow! And that’s where we come in.

Check out our website and blog to see more!  

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