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The Ultimate Guide To Content Marketing For SaaS Companies

What Is SaaS?

“A SaaS company is a company that hosts an application and makes it available to customers over the internet. SaaS stands for Software as a Service. This infers that the software sits on a SaaS company’s server while the user accesses it remotely.”

Types of SaaS:

  1. Cloud services

  2. Applications

  3. Networking etc.

Getting Started

Know Your Demographic – Who are you selling to?

Knowing your demographic is important for sales as well as your marketing.

For the most part, a SaaS demographic is:

  1. Young professionals ages 25-40

  2. Small business owners who are working on building a digital presence

  3. Small corporations who are looking to build their online network or following.

What Service Are You Providing?

What is your service? Make sure you get down to the nitty gritty here. Details are important.

What Sets You Apart From Your Competitors?

Cloud services are a dime a dozen. What sets google drive apart from dropbox?

Well obviously, it’s the on the go suite of editing tools & the ability to attach your data to your email address.

What makes one better than the next? Know what sets you apart.

When you have the answers to these three very important questions, we can move on to your marketing…

How Do You Market A SaaS Company?

You Have To Spend Money To Make Money…

But, there are ways around that, and most of them are by spending time instead of money.

Offer A Free Trial

Free trials show that you believe in your product. It shows that you believe in just a few days or weeks, your clients will see an improvement to their every day life because of your brand.

That way, when their trial is up they wont hesitate to purchase.

Share Good Reviews

There is no marketing as good as a happy customer.

Ask all your current clients or trial clients to review your products. In our business we believe there is no such thing as a bad review.

Each one gives us a chance to receive feedback or improve.

The good ones are amazing for your business. Want more good reviews? Run a contest or offer a discount for every good review on google + social media.

Host Q&A’s

It’s important to make sure your client understand your platform and your product.

The tech world is full of conventions and Ted talks. Techies love it.

Get them involved by hosting Instagram lives, zooms and more.

marketing SaaS

The Biggest Money Maker Of Them All… Content Marketing

Content marketing will create awareness of your brand and services.

If you have really good content, it can help your clients research your product. Good content helps to educate your potential and existing clients, and helps you build a repour with them.

Clients can confidently say “I feel good about my purchase because this brand cares about their followers.”

It’s a great way to build long term relationships that will later branch out and help you gain new relationships and referrals.

So how do you plan your content?

Know Your Demographic

We know we already said this, but we’re reiterating because, it’s literally the most important thing about your marketing.

Don’t waste time and budget on the wrong demo.

Make sure you know who you’re talking to.

Build A Blog


You want to be a giant in your field and that starts with being on top of what’s going on.

Blogging is important to your following. It keeps you involved in the conversation and relevant to any and all upcoming tech in your industry.

Customers love subscribing to knowledgeable bloggers. Get subscribers, stay in their view, keep your product in the forefront of their mind.

Get Active On Social Media

This may not be your go to for SaaS but it’s where people are looking for literally everything.

The average person spends 144 minute a day scrolling social media.

There is no chance that if you’re posting on social media, your demographic isn’t seeing it. Instagram’s search algorithm is the new google search.

Stay in front of people and at the tip of their finger tips by engaging in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Create Challenges, host giveaways, Go Live.

You want your customers to know you by first name. None of us know Zuckerberg but he’s in our homes all the time. We all know his name and his face, he addresses current affairs and stays relevant to his demographic.

Use Your Keywords

Keep track of what your demographic is interested in. Know what buzzwords are relevant to your SaaS. Subscribe to hashtags and keep your social media busy. The more you’re posting the more you’re appearing.

Don’t know what your keywords are? Try the best tools of 2020 to find out!

Keep Up With Customers Via Email Marketing

Keep in touch via email. Send out weekly blogs, surveys and product offers. Email marketing can be scheduled and great for tracking.

With updated tools you can see who opened, deleted or forwarded your emails.


Did you create a SaaS because you’re a leader in your field?

Well, then you need a Podcast. Podcasts are everywhere; everyone is subscribing to them.

Many people don’t even listen to music or read books anymore. You can even set up a podcast playlist.

Podcasting can help you reach a wider audience, develop yourself as an authority and again, it’s a free way to keep your clients loyal to your brand.

Content Marketing SaaS Tools

Content marketing is a sure thing. You can use insights on most social media and blog sites to track your promotions or posts. You can get instant reactions from fans and clients and you can even use email programs to know exactly how many people received and opened any mass email you’ve sent.

It’s a no-brainer in our book that you should choose this digital marketing strategy over anything else. At the very least, it should be used in conjunction with a traditional marketing plan.

Still not feeling confident enough to take this all on alone?

marketing SaaS

Trust The Professionals, Grab Some Apps, And Get Busy!

Try these apps to help you with content & social media.

1· Google Analytics

Keep up with your traffic by subscribing to this service through your google my business dashboard.

Add the backlink to your website and google becomes like your personal assistant.

They will send you emails with traffic reports, let you know when your code needs updating or if there’s an issue with a tag or page.

2· Hootsuite

The best way to manage all your social media in one place. Hootsuite has tools to plan your post, let you know what’s trending and keep your up to date on what’s important. They have a 30 day free trial so you can try before you buy (see, great idea right?)

3· HubSpot

A one stop shop for business owners. You can implement Marketing, Sales, CMS or a customer service option.

Hubspot makes a small business look like they have a team as large as google themselves. Head over to their site for a demo of their products.

For more detailed information on “Crushing your content marketing” head over to our blog.

Need help planning killer content? We can help!

Contact us today for more information on how to partner with Growth Generators to promote your products.


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