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Should You Use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace?

If you’ve never heard of Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite) and Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365), don’t worry. You’re not alone.

These services are changing the way businesses collaborate with their employees and are making the lives of employees much easier.

Microsoft and Google are considered to be two of the biggest names in cloud computing and team communication. But which is a better option for your business, Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace?

As more people start considering the cloud as a viable work environment, you may have begun to look into potential solutions, such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

So, what is the difference between the two and which one should you go for? Let’s dive in to find out…

Understand the Differences Between Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Since Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 have been created to improve productivity and ensure team communication in workplaces is excellent, they are similar in function. Although, there are some tools and applications that are different.

Both these suites have applications for email, calendars, cloud computing, video conferencing, word documents, online presentation, spreadsheet calculation and more. In other words, these applications will be heavily relied upon by most organizations when it comes to accomplishing the vital tasks on a day-to-day basis.

Let’s start examining what you can find in Google Workspace.


Gooogle Workspace Tools

Figure 1: Google Workspace Plans 2022

All Google Workspace plans will include:

  1. Gmail for Business

  2. Google Drive

  3. Google Meet (for Video and Voice Conferencing)

  4. Google Calendar

  5. Google Chat (for messaging)

  6. Jamboard (access to an interactive canvas where you can share your ideas)

  7. Google Docs, Sheets, & Slides

  8. Google Keep (collaborate on notes and keep reminders safe)

  9. Google Forms (Find it easy to create surveys and other essential forms)

  10. Sites (create websites collaboratively for your team)

  11. Security and Management

Table 1: Google Workspace Pricing Plans & The Features in 2022

Google Workspace

Before you make the price comparisons per plan, it’s worth noting that you can try Google Workspace for 14 days.


Price per user/month

What You can Access


It’s fantastic for small businesses. This plan will have Gmail and access to a bespoke domain and with standard support. Cloud storage has been set to 30GB per user, and you will use it with your Gmail and Drive. Also, you will get video meetings set to a maximum of 100 participants. The price is billed monthly.


This plan will have improved security and administration. Cloud storage will be 2TB per user. Video and voice meetings can have 150 participants. The recordings can be saved. The drives will let a team of employees easily share essential documents.


This plan will have improved security and administration. Access to eDiscovery features, archiving and retention. Personal cloud storage is set at 5TB per user. Video meetings have a limit on participants set to 500. Also, the Team Drives will allow users to share important documents.

Get in touch with sales to learn about pricing

For the custom per-user price, you will access a custom, safe email with retention, eDiscovery and /MIME encryption.

When it comes to video meetings, the participants will be 500 + recording, in-domain live streaming and attendance tracking. Cloud storage is unlimited. With the Google Workspace Enterprise, you will get access to improved support.

Google Workspace: FAQs

What Will I get in the Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)?

Just like G Suite, the plans will offer a personalized email for your company and you will have access to the collaboration features such as Calendar, Chat, Gmail, Sheets, Meet, Forms, Drive, Sites and more. For more, check here to learn about the plans.

Which Plan is Suitable for my Company?

Google Workspace has a wide range of plans that are made to improve your company and help you meet your business objectives. To know which plan is best for your business, visit Google Workspace’s website today.

Can My Business Get Access to a Trial Before Subscribing?

Definitely 💯. The plans will have a 14-day free trial. You can use Workspace to see if it’s something that your business needs.

How Do I Get to Sign Up to One of the Google Workspace Plans?

If your company has less than 300 team members, you can sign up and get started today without hassles. Companies with over 300 employees will need to reach out to the sales team and they will be assisted to sign up for the Enterprise plans.

What Differentiates G Suite from Google Workspace?

Ever since G Suite evolved, it became Google Workspace which involves a combined experience when it comes to collaboration and communication.


Microsoft 365

The desktop applications will have Word, Outlook, OneNote, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel on the PC alone. Last year, Microsoft launched Microsoft Visio, which is a leading diagramming solution that will allow any business owner to design and envision their processes and more.

The Visio web app has several benefits. If you wish to collaborate with your team and share diagrams with ease, you need to check it out.

The cloud-based features will include:

  1. SharePoint Online for Teams

  2. Video Conferencing

  3. Security and Compliance

  4. File Storage and Sharing

  5. Teamwork and Communication (Microsoft Teams)

  6. OneDrive and Access to 1TB of Storage

  7. Cloud-based Services of Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint

  8. Exchange Online Email

Microsoft sells Business plans and Enterprise plans. Below are plans for both Business and Enterprise.

Microsoft 365: Pricing Plans & The Features for Business in 2022


Price per user/month (1)

What You Will Get


Ideal for companies that need easy-to-implement, cloud-based solutions, Microsoft Teams can be combined with secure cloud storage and Office Online (available on desktop versions only).

The Premium Office apps—including Web and mobile versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint—are included. Microsoft Teams, Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint are included in this plan.


A suitable choice for businesses that rely on Office applications across multiple devices and require cloud-based file storage. Business email and Microsoft Teams will not be available in this plan.

The bundle includes several applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Publisher (Windows only) or Access (Windows only).


Ideal for businesses that engage in remote work and will need collaboration tools, including business email, Microsoft Teams, premium Office applications and secure cloud storage.


Ideal for businesses that handle remote staff, and you will get all the features that are in the Business Standard plan.

Also, this plan provides business-class remote access with all the advanced security features you need to guard against cyberthreats and keep devices secure. It’s important to note that you can access all plans for 1 month free before subscribing.

Microsoft 365: Pricing Plans & The Features for Enterprise in 2022


Price per user/month (1)

What You Will Get


Get the power of productivity apps and enhanced security features for your enterprise. Microsoft 365 gives you access to all of the apps in the Microsoft Office suite. Stay organized with business-class email, contacts and calendaring.

Deliver a more sophisticated in-meeting experience with functionalities such as call control and chat capabilities, and a central hub for meeting content. (Partially Included)


Get the power of productivity apps and enhanced security features for your enterprise. Microsoft 365 gives you access to all of the apps in the Microsoft Office suite. Stay organized with business-class email, contacts and calendaring.

Deliver a more sophisticated in-meeting experience with functionalities such as call control and chat capabilities, and a central hub for meeting content. (Fully Included)


Previously Microsoft 365 F1, the cloud services and productivity apps will empower your frontline workforce to do their best work. Microsoft 365 gives you access to all of the apps in the Microsoft Office suite.

Stay organized with business-class email, contacts and calendaring. Deliver a more sophisticated in-meeting experience with functionalities such as call control and chat capabilities, and a central hub for meeting content. (Partially Included)

Microsoft 365: FAQs

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a productivity cloud designed to help individuals and businesses achieve more in their work and personal lives, with best-in-class Office apps, advanced security and intelligent cloud services.

Why did the name change from Office 365 to Microsoft 365?

To reflect the full range of benefits and services available in Microsoft 365, they changed the name to Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 includes everything you know in Office 365, including best-in-class Office apps, advanced security and intelligent cloud services.

And since the business plans have changed, has the price or product changed?

Small and medium business plans receive no price or feature changes. The Microsoft 365 plans are available, with an updated name.

How many devices can you install Office applications if you select the business plan on Microsoft 365?

Office 365 subscribers can install the Office apps on up to five Macs or PCs, five tablets, and five phones. A hybrid Windows device, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro, can be considered a PC or a tablet.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can subscribe with a credit card, and your subscription amount will be on the credit card statement. Microsoft 365 Business plans offer the option of receiving an invoice, which can be paid monthly or annually, based on your choice of services.

An email message is sent to you when your invoice is available for viewing. If a purchase order number is entered when you buy your subscription, that number is included in the email message.

Microsoft 365 vs. Google Workspace: Software Comparison 2022

Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are collaboration tools that have numerous effective products that make them the go-to collaboration tools for small businesses and enterprises. Google and Microsoft will always strive to provide solutions for businesses that are looking to enhance productivity online.

Let’s assess the features of both suites when it comes to productivity.

Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365: Ease of Use

It’s worth noting that both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace have the advantage of giving users the familiar feel irrespective of which one you decide to use. Microsoft 365 has continued to improve the software that most businesses have relied upon for many years.

Google Workspace gives the accustomed feel and look when you use Gmail. If you’ve not had the chance of using Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, you will get to know that Google Workspace will be easy to use and the process will be straightforward when you decide to get started.

Google Workspace Ease of Use

When it comes to Google Workspace, Google focuses on function over how the tools will look, which means the design won’t appeal to many when you make comparisons with Microsoft 365.

But the best thing about Google Workspace’s tools is that they will function effortlessly without you having to worry about the technical aspects.

For example, when you decide to create a Google Document, it will be saved immediately in the Google Drive. Even if you don’t have the name of the document, it will be saved in the background. Most documents in your Google Drive will always be fresh.

Additionally, Google Workspace will concentrate on the vital activities that you will need every day, so it won’t have to deal with feature overload like Microsoft 365.

The applications featured in Google Workspace won’t have innovative features such as those that are in Microsoft Excel, Word and others. But it has a more friendly interface that most users will love.

Microsoft 365 Ease of Use

Microsoft 365 has evolved over the years and there’s no doubt that it still puts excellent user experience as the primary objective when users need to use their tools. Also, Microsoft will have almost every feature anyone will want and sometimes that can adversely affect the user experience.

When you look at the desktop versions of PowerPoint, Word and Excel, you will understand what we’re saying. The mobile and browser versions have simple designs and the vital tools will be easy to access.

What You Need to Know Before You Select One: If ease of use is of the utmost importance to you, you will need to choose one that is familiar to you. Most businesses will pick the one that is simple and familiar to them. However, if both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are unfamiliar, Google Workspace will be easier to learn than Microsoft 365.

Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365: Business Email

If you need to have a business email, Microsoft’s Outlook and Google’s Gmail are both highly rated as the premier email providers to business in our world today. Most people will want to understand how to set up business emails (branded).

For example, instead of Also, they will want to know more about storage and other critical features that will be helpful.

Google Workspace: Gmail

The Google Workspace Business Starter plan will offer 30GB storage and you will get the chance to set up the email on the branded name domain while getting full access to Gmail.

Gmail will allow you to attach files that are 25MB in size and you can still share large files from your Google Drive. Also, you can send 2,000 emails daily and receive over 80,000 daily.

Check out Gmail below and you can begin with the trial plan here.

Gmail Business

Figure 2:Gmail Business Email

Microsoft 365: Outlook

With Microsoft 365, you will get Outlook. You can send 5,000 emails per day and access to 50 GB storage. (Definitely higher than 30 GB that is available on Gmail). It’s important to keep in mind that these features are available on all their business packages.

The limit will not be in the cloud storage and that means your attachments won’t clog up in the OneDrive. In contrast, if space for emails is vital for you, you won’t get the chance to use up the complete 1TB cloud storage unlike Google Workspace.

Check out Microsoft’s Outlook below:

Microsoft Outlook

Figure 3: Outlook Sample Courtesy of

What You Need to Know Before You Select One: If you were to pick one, Google Workspace will be the preferred choice. Not only is it reasonably priced but it is complete and has the best advanced security options.

Remember, if what you seek is the best business email, there are several methods to get it without breaking the bank.

Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365: Applications

Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are the most well-known when it comes to creating presentations, team meetings, creating documents and more! Both will provide desktop and mobile versions.

But it’s worth noting that Microsoft 365 will provide desktop versions when you decide to subscribe to either the Business or Business Premium packages.

Google Workspace Applications: Google Docs, Slides & Sheets

With Google Workspace’s applications for documents, all are browser versions and you will get mobile versions. This goes for Google Docs, Slides and Sheets. But there aren’t desktop versions. This means you should be online to access the applications and create files.

Also, Google Workspace Applications, you have the chance to mark the documents to access them offline. This means you can still work on the document whether you’re online or offline. The changes will be updated once you get back online.

Here are Google Docs, Sheets and Slides:

Google Docs

Figure 4: Google Docs

Google Slides

Figure 5: Google Slides

Google Spreadsheet

Figure 6: Google Spreadsheets

Microsoft 365 Applications: Microsoft Excel, Word, & PowerPoint

Microsoft 365 has file creation applications which include Excel, Word and PowerPoint. All the applications are available in mobile versions, browser and desktop versions.

Similar to Google Workspace applications, if you’re working on a document, you can make changes offline before you save your document once you’re online again. The files and crucial folders will be synchronized to the cloud. (OneDrive).

Microsoft Word

Figure 7:Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Figure 8: Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Powerpoint

Figure 9:Microsoft PowerPoint

What You Need to Know Before You Select One: Microsoft 365 is the clear winner over Google Workspace when you’re looking for applications because of the wide range of options in features such as charts and unique templates.

Also, being in existence for many years, we can agree that people are more familiar with Microsoft’s Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365: Collaboration Among Teams (2022)

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace have collaboration among teams in mind. This means there is live chat, video conferences, and access to document sharing.

But both will adopt a unique way when it comes to achieving team collaboration. You can’t pick one over the other. The choice will come down to the business expectations and what the business needs in collaboration.

Google Workspace: Collaboration

Google Workspace is well-known to make collaboration straightforward. Actually, the best thing about Google Workspace is that many people can access the same document, work on it simultaneously without thinking about saving or sharing links via email.

Revisions can occur at the same time while allowing you to see the changes and giving you the chance to reject or accept the changes.

Additionally, you can share the link to anyone and give them the chance to edit the document. Just head over to File and click Share and the following will pop up.

Google Doc sharing

Figure 10: Google Doc Sharing Options

Microsoft 365: Collaboration

Microsoft 365’s main benefit is how the business world uses their application. Collaboration remains an important strategy in all their products.

Teams in businesses/enterprises can share an Excel spreadsheet, Word document or PowerPoint presentation to their prospective clients knowing they can open and read without hassles. Microsoft 365 provides cutting edge features and they have AI services to assist users create excellent files.

Microsoft 365

Figure 11: Microsoft 365 Sharing Options. Photo Courtesy of

What You Need to Know Before You Select One: The key consideration to take into account if you wish to pick one for collaboration will be to think about how you will use the platform.

Businesses that have a well-knit team working together will prefer Google Workspace and they will find the processes seamless. In contrast, companies who collaborate with clients will find Microsoft 365 beneficial.

Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365: Customer Service 2022

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace provide web and phone support to their customers. The support is 24/7. Also, each platform will provide community support forums and knowledge that will be helpful to anyone who needs professional assistance.

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace will be helpful to companies and most companies rate their customer services highly.

Google Workspace: Customer Service

Google Workspace will give you email, phone and chat support. If you wish to get support, you can access it here. Google is widely popular for offering solutions as soon as possible. Their agents are helpful and they always ensure your satisfaction.

Microsoft 365: Customer Service

Need help with Microsoft 365. Check out here. You can get both phone and email support whether you’re using Microsoft 365 for business or home.

Also, you can get comprehensive training resources, and documents that will help you learn more about their products.

Microsoft is well-known to pay attention to details. If you’re a business customer, Microsoft 365 support will be there for you.

What You Need to Know Before You Select One: If you’re looking for a company that offers the best customer service, it will be down to preference. Both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 will have teams who will always be there to help you. And there are helpful documents to guide you if you wish to troubleshoot problems yourself.

When it comes to customer service, it’s too close to pick the best one. You will have to choose one and make your choice.

Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365: Customer Reviews 2022

Google Workspace: Customer Reviews

According to, most users rated Google Workspace for ease of use, ease of set up, and quality of support.

One customer said that he loves it for the easy access to the applications like Drive, Docs, Slides, etc. The user experience is excellent and he loves how they integrate to allow ease of use.

The main reason why he uses Google Workspace is because of the instant communication and collaboration. And the best part is you don’t have to install apps for other tasks.

His dislike was:

Despite Google Workspace being self-sufficient, he always has a hard time trying to comprehend the labels and some tools. Also, some users stated they don’t have anything to dislike about Google Workspace.

Microsoft 365: Customer Reviews

According to a graphic designer on, Microsoft 365 is great because they keep improving Office and he is happy that Microsoft keeps investing to make the product excellent.

Microsoft 365 has fantastic integration when it comes to the popular products – Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint.

Also, he loved the fact that one gets updates from time to time.

What He Disliked:

He has an issue with how Outlook looks.

Here is what he said:

“I wish there was a way to resize the cubes on the monthly view… I always see the bars with “+2” or similar on them, but it is a pain to view the upcoming meetings/events, etc. Also, I would love to see more color-coding abilities — these are very limited, and in today’s world, we need far more than what is available.”

Quote sourced from

What You Need to Know Before You Select One: Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace have their core users who love the products because of reviews. What you choose will be dependent on how you intend to use it. Compare both suites before you make a final decision.

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365: Communication 2022

Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 provide a wide range of tools for collaboration and communication with teams in your business.

For Google Workspace, there is Google Meet and Microsoft 365, there is Teams.

Let’s delve further.

Microsoft Teams vs. Google Meet

Even though both Google Meet and Microsoft Teams provide excellent function for businesses, Teams is precisely for businesses to utilize.

For example, Teams has over 250 applications that one can use for collaboration. It also lets you oversee video calls that can allow 300 users at a single time. Find out more here.

Microsoft Teams

Figure 12: Microsoft Teams

It’s vital to keep in mind that you can chat with other team members in the application.

In contrast, Google has Meet and Chat. Meet has the design for video calls and Chat for chat.

Google Meet can allow 150+ people in the video call and if you wish to learn more, you can look at the various plans and what they provide here. Also, Google Meet lets you use other applications such as Gmail and Calendar with ease.

Google Meet

Figure 13: Google Meet

Both productivity suites will have similar features such as recording meetings, screen sharing, background customization, and more. Google Workspace has video conferencing which according to most users, it is simple and the user interface is easy to use. Teams have cutting-edge features that make communicating and collaborating worthwhile.

Microsoft 365 vs. Google Workspace: Security

Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are well-known to offer superior security and data privacy. These productivity suites update constantly and you will have peace of mind that they are safe.

Both platforms let admins personalize security procedures to make sure permissions and access are in check.

Microsoft 365 has the Exchange Online Protection which provides email protection. You don’t have to worry about malware, spam and others. The solution will also offer several security controls that will assist anyone reach the current rules.

The personalized permissions and other security controls will let you protect your company and you won’t have to worry about unauthorized access.

Are you looking to make changes to your enterprise? You need to check out Microsoft 365 Enterprise plans. They will offer you Threat Protection, Information Protection, Security Management and Compliance Management and more.

On the other hand, Google Workspace will have spam protection and phishing.

Google Workspace offers phishing and spam protection for your email. It offers:

  1. 2-step verification

  2. Group-based policy controls

  3. Advanced Protection Program

  4. Endpoint management

  5. Google Workspace Migrate tool

  6. Vault – Retain, archive, and search data

  7. Secure LDAP

  8. Data loss prevention (DLP)

  9. Cloud Identity Premium

  10. Context-aware access

  11. Security center

  12. S/MIME encryption

  13. Data regions

  14. Access transparency

Google Workspace vs Microsoft Office 365: Key Differences

These two suites are similar in function. But a critical factor that differentiates Google Workspace from Microsoft 365 is the applications available in Microsoft 365. You can access on mobile and desktop.

And knowing this, you need to know that there are licenses for complete installations and licenses for browser applications only. You will be able to install desktop applications and engage in projects while offline.

Additionally, you can use Access, Publisher and Planner. They are all desktop applications.

Here are their functions:

  1. Microsoft Access – Database application.

  2. Microsoft Publisher – Publishing application.

  3. Microsoft Planner – Organization and Management application.

With Google Workspace, you won’t find desktop applications that you can utilize when offline. However, their browser feature offers offline access for Slides, Docs and Sheets.

Another crucial difference will be in the storage. Google Workspace will start at 30 GB, 2TB, 5TB and there is unlimited storage when you choose the Enterprise package. Microsoft 365 will offer their customers 1TB cloud storage.

What You Need to Know: Both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are safe productivity suites. Though, Microsoft 365 is superior to Google Workspace with their multi-factor authentication.

Google has two-factor authentication. And since Google combines a myriad of third-party applications, it can cause problems if their users grant approvals to benefit from the applications.

Working Offline: What You Should Know About Working Offline with Google Workspace

Since Google Workspace has been built to function in a browser, the common question most people will have in mind is. “Can I continue working offline?”

The answer is YES! When you’re using your computer, here are two crucial things you will need to do:

  1. Make sure Google Chrome is installed

  2. Turn on file synchronization

You will get the opportunity to check, edit Google Sheets, Docs and Slides even when you’re offline. The changes will be noticed once you’re back online.

When it comes to Gmail, it’s possible to use it when you’re offline. All you need to do is ensure you use Chrome and confirm offline mail is enabled.

It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll have to download all mail if you wish to use offline mail without issues. When you decide to send mails offline, they will be in the Outbox folder and will be sent once you’re back online.

Additionally, you can use Google’s applications offline but you will need to allow Google Workspace to understand that there’s something you need offline first. (You need to look up an option that will allow you to download it to your mobile).

Working Offline: What You Should Know About Working Offline with Microsoft 365

When it comes to Microsoft 365, the ideal way to keep working offline is by utilizing the desktop applications with the OneDrive desktop version.

With 365, you’ll need to make sure everything is synchronized to your computer. Once you’re offline, you can continue working on your documents in Excel, Word, etc. Everything will be synced once you’re back online.

Also, Microsoft 365 mobile applications will allow you to work offline but like Google Workspace, you’ll be required to download the crucial files to the mobile device so that they can be easily accessible.

Who Should Use Google Workspace in 2022?

Google Workspace is ideal for teams and small businesses that seek to collaborate when it comes to internal document creation and are looking to take advantage of the numerous integrations between crucial tools, Google Drive and other applications.

Also, Gmail is highly rated and reasonably priced for businesses that want brand email addresses.

Who Should Use Microsoft 365 in 2022?

Microsoft 365 should be for small businesses that are looking to collaborate and edit spreadsheets, documents and presentations with clients. If you’re looking to team up with someone outside your organization, it’s best to go for Microsoft 365.

The applications are top notch and you will get the chance to access cutting-edge features. This means you will take advantage of the spreadsheet, document and presentation templates.

Also, Microsoft 365 has a desktop version unlike Google Workspace which you can only access it on a browser.

Microsoft 365 vs. Google Workspace: Which is Right for Your Business in 2022?

In the end, both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are highly rated tools if you’re looking for productivity suites. Microsoft 365 stands out with their product features and Google Workspace is ideal for teams who are looking for excellent communication and collaboration.

It’s worth noting that Google Workspace has friendly prices and great plans and if you’re looking for file storage, they have an unlimited plan.

If you’re on the fence and are looking to make a decision between the two, here are things you need to consider:

  1. Email and Storage

  2. Cloud Storage

  3. Editing Documents

  4. Scalability

  5. IT Considerations

  6. The Desired Type of Your Working Atmosphere

Let’s explore further and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Email Storage

If you don’t have a big budget and seek the perfect email storage, you’ll discover that Microsoft 365 has plans that are greater than Google Workspace. There is the unlimited archive option. Choose Microsoft 365 and you won’t regret it.

Cloud storage

If your main concern is cloud storage for your business, then choosing Google Workspace is the best option. The “Business Standard” plan which goes for $12 per month offers 2TB.

The “Business Plus” plan goes for $18 per month and provides 5TB. There’s an unlimited storage plan when you choose the “Enterprise” plan.

With Microsoft 365, you need to learn more here if you wish to get more than 1TB.

Editing Documents

If you’re an employee who must use Microsoft Office on the regular and also need the cutting-edge functionality which Microsoft Office offers — the ideal option will be Microsoft 365. (It’s vital to keep in mind that you choose a plan that has the desktop versions available).

Even though Google Workspace can create and edit crucial documents, the function will not be straightforward. You will encounter issues when you attempt to edit a Microsoft Spreadsheet or document on Google Workspace.

With that being said, Google Workspace is well-known to let you edit documents created on Microsoft applications and Google Workspace. But it won’t be possible on Microsoft 365.

So, let’s say you have customers who have Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 files, you may find using Google Workspace is beneficial. (This can happen if you keep the same format on Microsoft Office).


When it comes to scalability, keep in mind the affordable plans available on Microsoft 365 (Business plans) will limit the users when they reach 300. There isn’t any limit on Google Workspace plans.

With that being said, you can combine and match the available license types. (Both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365). You company could take advantage of the available plans in both productivity suites.

Desired Type of Your Working Atmosphere

The working atmosphere that you want to use Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace should be considered when you’re looking to make a critical decision.

If the company utilizes a combination of systems and machines, then you can make work simple for employees by choosing Google Workspace, which has been created to operate online (it will be in a browser— the applications will also be accessible in significant mobile operating systems).

Also, Google Workspace will feel, look, and function with ease. It doesn’t matter if you use Chromebooks, PCs, Macs and more!

However, if the company is using MS Windows, you will have Microsoft 365. The plan will have desktop applications fit with ease. This will be noticed if you’re planning to utilize Publisher and Access. The Microsoft 365 applications will be exclusive to people who use Windows only.


Even though it’s always the best choice to always have IT resources, it’s worth noting that the cost for maintenance, deployment and support for Google Workspace will be reasonably lower than Microsoft 365. And this is true if Microsoft applications are part of it (the desktop ones).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Why Choose Microsoft 365 over Google Workspace

At Growth Generators, our view is that you need to choose Microsoft 365 because their plans have applications that can be accessed on the desktop. Because of this, the product will be the right choice for any company with clients who expect to get, send and edit files without the hassles.

You can get Microsoft 365 for free. The trial duration is one month while Google Workspace’s trial mode is 14 days.

The applications available on Microsoft 365 have more features than the applications on Google Workspace.

When it comes to email and file storage, Microsoft 365 plans are more favorable than the ones on Google Workspace. It’s worth noting that the inbox archive will have unlimited storage irrespective of the plans. (There will be need for configuration).

With Outlook, the desktop application will offer you a simple way to sort your important mail. Gmail isn’t similar.

The video conferencing limit for participants is higher in comparison to Google Workspace.

There are advanced phone call management options when you choose Microsoft 365.

Ultimately, Microsoft 365 may be the right choice for companies that use Windows often. (It’s worth noting that applications such as Publisher and Access exist in the Windows version).

Why Choose Google Workspace over Microsoft 365

Officially, Google Workspace will let you create Microsoft Office and Google documents. Microsoft 365 will precisely let you focus on Microsoft Office documents.

With Google Workspace, you need to understand that it is scalable. Irrespective of the plan you choose, there aren’t any limits. In contrast, Microsoft 365 Business plans are affordable but they will limit users. The number of users is cap at 300.

With File Storage, Google Workspace plans will offer more friendly limits compared to Microsoft 365. (Entry level plans not included). From the start, Google Workspace come with collaboration in mind.

On the other hand, Microsoft 365’s collaboration tools were added into the product later on after it was created. If teamwork and collaboration is important to you, Google Workspace is for you. Hence, Google Workspace collaboration tools are better and they may improve productivity amongst your team.

The website building features, eDiscovery, email archiving and other cutting-edge features are reasonably priced when you choose Google Workspace.

The system in Google Workspace is clean, instinctive and if you have an excellent internet connection, it will be faster than the applications available on Microsoft Office (desktop versions). Google Workspace is the best for companies that utilize several devices.

Since everything is cloud-based, Google Workspace might be the ideal platform for users who are looking to take advantage of the cloud. This is because of the collaboration benefits.

Google Drive works seamlessly with several Mac and Windows operating systems over One Drive (Microsoft 365).

You can sign up for the Google Workspace trial here or reach out to Growth Generators if you wish to learn more about setting up collaboration tools for your business.

You can try Google Workspace for free here or read more about our Google Workspace setup and migration services.

What are the Alternatives to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace in 2022?

The primary alternatives to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are Open Office, Apple’s iWork, Dropbox and more.

Open Office

Open Office is a trusted and reliable office platform if you’re looking for spreadsheets, word processing, databases, graphics and more! The best thing is that it is free to use just like Apple’s iWork. The bad news is that they don’t have a cloud version.

Open office

Figure 14: Open Office

If you are considering using Open Office, it’s worth keeping in mind that the cloud version can be accessed via Rollapp. This is an application which will let you use any app in a browser regardless of the device.


iWork is a great, user-friendly productivity suite. Just like Google Workspace, the software has a simple interface compared to Microsoft 365.

Apple's iWork

Figure 15: Apple’s iWork

Similar to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, iWork can be accessed on a browser regardless of the device. Also, you can collaborate with other team members live. Desktop applications can be accessed but they can only function on Apple products exclusively.

The best thing about iWork applications is that they are free but if you wish to get a large storage, you will be billed for iCloud storage so that your files can be safe.


The core feature of Dropbox has been file storage. Dropbox was among the early cloud applications that allowed users to store and access crucial files regardless of where they may be.

Still, it has changed over the years and today you will access critical features that are available in Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Also, there will be integrations with various business applications.


Figure 16: Dropbox

Dropbox Paper, which is a text application, functions properly and most people will see it the same way as Microsoft Word (online version), and Google Docs. With the addition of Microsoft 365, anyone can make edits to Word documents stored in Dropbox.

Additionally, there is Dropbox for Google Workspace. Here is what you can get:

  1. Access, use and edit Google Docs, Slides and Sheet. These files will be stored in your personal Dropbox account and you don’t have to change anything.

  2. Creating files and storage. (This applies to Sheets, Docs and Slides).

  3. With the shared folders, you can add Sheets, Docs and Slides. After doing so, the folders will instantly get the similar sharing authorizations.

The Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 integrations will be straightforward for users who are looking to subscribe to Dropbox.

At Growth Generators, our intuition is users who are looking for the right productivity platform for their business may choose either Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.

If it’s for the first time, it is best to go for Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 vs. Google Workspace: FAQs

Which is reasonably priced, Google Workspace or Microsoft 365?

Both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 offer a reasonably prices plan — the Microsoft 365 Business Basic (Microsoft 365) and Business Starter (Google Workspace). They both are priced $6 per user every month. You could try them both and see which one is best for your business.

What’s the primary benefit of choosing Microsoft 365 over Google Workspace?

The primary advantage of going for Microsoft 365 will be the availability of desktop applications.

Most plans in Microsoft 365 will offer you full access to the complete Microsoft applications. They include PowerPoint, Excel, Word and more. Also, the applications will have more features compared to Google Workspace.

What’s the primary benefit of choosing Google Workspace over Microsoft 365?

The primary advantage of choosing Google Workspace is because of the ease of use across both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. You can edit files in both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

With that being said, there is a chance of encountering formatting issues when you use Workspace apps when you save files in Microsoft format.

Can I access Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 offline?

The answer is Yes. Both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace will let you save documents externally and use the applications whenever you want to make edits.

Microsoft 365 will be the preferred option if you’re looking to work offline most of the time. (This will happen with ease if you’re on a plan that will give you the option to install apps locally).

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