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SEO Isn’t Going Anywhere! - Everything You Need to Know

SEO Means Search Engine Optimization

In this article we’re going to pay the very broad brush of what is entailed in SEO essentially search engine optimization is simply making your website more visible on YouTube through a variety of different methods.

Those methods can include but are not limited to…

  1. Making sure your website loads quickly

  2. Making sure you have Meta Data. The information on the reverse side of a picture and other things on the internet. Google and other search engines look for this

  3. Modifying and minimizing pictures when they’re viewed on a mobile device

Google also makes sure that your website is loading fast enough. This way, whoever is viewing it isn’t going to get bored while it’s loading.

Yes, believe it or not that is actually a thing. And it plays a huge part in how high up in the search rankings you actually rank.

SEO is here to stay

Here Is Why SEO Isn’t Going Anywhere

Currently there is no way for Google to search through all the video, audio, and pictures on the Internet with no text on them.

When you develop a website you have to enter in all the information on the backside of a website. This way, Google can actually find you and know what’s going on the inside of your website.

It is changing however because voice analytics and video analytics are slowly making a move into the SEO scene. People are consistently thinking that SEO doesn’t mean anything or you can just buy Google ads.

Which is absolutely true however paying for those spots is a very costly task.

If your website doesn’t actually perform, people are more than likely going to leave your website which is the exact opposite of what you want to happen.

You are essentially going to spend money on ad spots that don’t perform, which is most people’s biggest fear when they’re looking to purchase ad space.

SEO is here tp stay

Why SEO Is Changing

More than ever Google is relying on Words Metadata and analytics to rank your website because technology is growing and there’s many different platforms such a Squarespace, Wix, WordPress and many others that are all competing for the market.

All of these platforms need to adapt and help Google see the platforms but also need to do their part in making sure that everybody has a fair chance on the Internet. It has a tremendous impact on businesses and it’s giving companies with much smaller bank accounts the opportunity to slowly rank up in search engine optimization.

To this day YouTube is the number two search engine in the world followed by Google. So what does that mean?

The internet is slowly changing, making YouTube videos and informational videos the spot to drive traffic to different websites.

This is one of the most optimal ways to start ranking up in Google and it’s also a very unique way to grow your business.

It is also very unconventional however businesses that are mastering that are ranking very high on Google and are also ranking very high on YouTube putting dollars in your pocket.

Here is a media company’s outlook on how you can start to have an impact.

One option is to start making YouTube video. Making videos provides information and they are easy to find with appropriate tags and information inside of them.

Not only can YouTube find you, but whoever finds your YouTube channel can find your website. The other option for people that don’t have the ability to edit and make videos is to write blog posts.

Blogs Are The Best Way For Your Website To Rank High

Inside a blog you can write just about anything related to your company. First, you can search to discover what are high-ranking keywords. You should then be able to write a blog post.

For example this post has the words “SEO” and “Search Engine Optimization,” quite a bit. We know that there probably aren’t many blogs talking about how SEO is changing. So, when somebody searches SEO or Search Engine Optimization, this blog may very well come up and they could find the information useful.

Blogs are extremely easy for Google to read and understand the general concept of.

No, Google does not have a brain, but it does know how to read analytics and see what keywords come up more often and therefore can send traffic to them.

When Google does its job and realizes that people spend more time on their pages it continuously ranks you higher for more people to go see the blog.

All-in-all, SEO is changing day by day. In the future it may very well change quite drastically from what we know it as of today.

However, the cheapest and easiest way for people to get ahead of the SEO game is to work with whoever runs your website. Make sure that they’re doing some kind of SEO for you.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a blog.

There are other ways that a company can help rank up. But if you want to stay on top in your industry, writing a blog is the easiest way.

Even making a YouTube video and writing a caption afterwards about the video will drive traffic to your website.

Thank you for reading!


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