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LinkedIn Engagement for Better Responses

Have you been having trouble getting better responses and LinkedIn engagement from your posts? This is something everyone can struggle with, but having the right strategies set in place will make your life a whole lot easier.

The first thing we recommend is identifying the buyer persona. Check out our Youtube video entitled, “How to Find your Ideal Clients on Linkedin 2019 Strategies” which delves into the how-tos.

We describe in 3 easy steps how to find the right target audience. After identifying who you’re going to target with your content, the best place to start would be going to your network and connecting with people that you went to school with. This is your “low hanging fruit” because it provides a basis to build rapport on, and school’s usually have a strong online alumni presence.

engaging audience on LinkedIn

Be sure to add your college/university to your profile as it will help LinkedIn recommend people for you! Don’t miss out on opportunities because of this. If you met someone in college and didn’t have a LinkedIn at the time, chances are they have one now with their college listed.

This is why it’s so important that you have yours updated as well to be able to connect with people you already know. This opens up other potential connections LinkedIn will recommend to you based off who you know.

Join Industry Groups on LinkedIn

Consider joining groups within your industry and those you’re not in as well. This will make all the difference in who will see your profile.

Once you’ve found a group with connections you think are fitting, this is the area you want to take the most time on. Look for people you think will be worth communicating with.

Keep in mind, once you send out your first message, they’re immediately going to be thinking, “how does this pertain to me?”

Give a reason why you’re connecting with people! Let them know why you want to connect. And be sure your product/service/connection can bring value to the person on the other end.

This is so powerful and well worth it. It is a tried and true method. Test it out for yourself!

You must do your research on your potential connections and search for people with similar positions as you. These are the people that will connect you to a wider branch of people in your industry. As previously mentioned, joining a group will connect you with people who may hold information that is useful in growing your knowledge.

engaging audience

Different questions you may have may be posted and answered through content each user deems valuable to your industry. This will give you the opportunity to do business with a wide range of professionals with similar interests.

First impressions matter, especially on LinkedIn. When it comes to engagement, people will know within the first few seconds of viewing your page if they want to engage in conversation with you or not. This is a simple but extremely overlooked area.

First place to clean up for engagement is your profile picture. Make sure you look professional.

Second is your bio. This area is helpful and one of the first things you see on a person’s profile. Consider investing 10 minutes once a week to making sure your profile appears professional and up to date.

This simple time investment will make sure your presence on LinkedIn is always consistent.

Another simple but helpful tip for more engagement comes from our “Content Creation Keys to Success – Strategies For Your Industry” video on YouTube:

Educate, Prove, and Add Value

These three core concepts are easy to stick to and can be built into a habit.

Be sure to convey some type of information that is worth being heard and used. Be confident in what you say and affirm that you’re a leader in your industry. Adding so much free value upfront, you will establish yourself as someone who knows a leader in their industry and can be a source of information to you!

When they have a question about something in your industry, you become the person they go to for the answer. One question you need to ask yourself is, “Does my LinkedIn profile make me look like an expert in my field?”

More LinkedIn Engagement...

We are supposed to be business professionals, so if the answer is no, consider making some changes. You can start by highlighting more of your skills and years of experience to show people you are someone worth connecting with. It’s important to believe in the things you say in your profile.

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Background images are important because they grab the attention of potential connections. This is a brand new feature added to the platform that people should be taking advantage of. It is surprising how many profiles are missing this key factor.

using LinkedIn for marketing

Not only does this raise your credibility but also helps with consistency. With the right image it can immediately change the value of your profile, the way it looks, and the way people will interact with it. It shows that you are someone legitimate.

For detailed step by step information on how to create and update your background image, check out our YouTube channel “The Millennial Entrepreneur Harrison Baron.” There you will see it done in real time on a real LinkedIn page.


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