There is a free tool you can use to split one monitor into many small monitors its free, and it's made by Microsoft. The reason this is important is you know it's not a third-party vendor, and it works seamlessly with any windows product. It's called Microsoft Power Toys and can be downloaded here.

*hint this also works if you have multiple large monitors*

Do you ever wish you could have a third screen or can't seem to format your windows on your screen the right way? There is a solution, and you can create as many screens as you would like.

Why Split Large Screens Into Small Screens?

The reason you would want to split your screens into smaller screens is maybe your monitor is too large, or you want to work on something, but you need to have another screen to use as a reference.

Microsoft already allows you to snap screens on the top to make it full and on the sides to fill half your screen, but what if you wanted to open three or even four windows at once?

Taking the time to change the size of each and every screen is a pain, and if you misclick on any of them, you could mess up the sizes.

Microsoft has created PowerToys as a workaround, and they call them Fancy Zones.

Creating multiple screens will allow you to multitask faster, look at a variety of screens for reference at a glance and remove the need to use the predefined split that Microsoft gives you to start.

For some people, that isn't as optimal as many others. Either way, having a screen splitting technology developed and supported by Microsoft will make your life easier.

What Is A Fancy Zone?

A fancy zone is a predefined area inside your screen that you can break up screens into. Similar to snapping it to the sides, you can hold shift and drag and drop into these fancy zones that you can setup. They allow for a ton of different variety shapes, and you can create a customized layout for whatever you want to setup.

In a simple test, I created 49 smaller windows in a 49inch curved monitor. At that point, it was becoming excessive, so I stopped. Keep in mind you need to have a computer that can handle all the windows and apps you will have open.

Splitting Multiple Monitors From One Computer

There does not seem to be a limit to how many monitors you can use.

In a test we did with two multiple monitors, we broke a 43-inch screen into three smaller sections and one large 50-inch tv/monitor into two separate sections. This was to allow the user to look at two separate spreadsheets while using three smaller windows on his main computer, allowing him to go back and forth, increasing the speed work was done.

We haven't tried it with more than two different physical monitors, but we believe because you can split one monitor into so many smaller sections we believe you could use Microsoft PowerToys on as many monitors as your computer supports.

A crazy amount of fancy zones for your screen.

Splitting Your Monitor Into Multiple Sections

The Microsoft system comes with three ways to split your screen. You can snap it on the top to fill a full screen, or you can snap to the left and right to use a half screen. Using Microsoft Power Toys will allow you to make as many screens as you want on your single screen.

This can help boost your productivity or your employee productivity for free and with an app supported by Microsoft.

A 49inch Monitor broken up into 3 sections.

Can Microsoft PowerToys do anything else?

The simple answer is yes.

PowerToys allows you to control a substantial number of different things on your computer other than monitors. However, for most people splitting the monitors is going to be the one aspect that most people will use when it comes to this program. 

The Interface of PowerToys

PowerToys Image Resize

Microsoft PowerToys has a built-in Image Resizer that allows you to resize images in file explorer.

This makes changing images sizes very fast without having to get additional third-party images.

PowerToys ColorPicker

It allows for a colorPicking option that allows you to see what color something is on the screen. Now, this may sound silly, but if you are a website designer, logo builder, or branding expert, its going to make your life much easier.

To access that feature once it is downloaded, you can simply press the Win + Shift + C key to get the color picker. Once you select a color, a new window will pop up that gives you all color formats.

Those formats include Hex, RGB, and HSL, and it also temporarily saves those colors in the system so you can always look back at them.

File Explorer Add-Ons

This feature allows File Explorer to display .svg Icons where normally you would not be able to see them in file explorer, and you would have to open them up. This also works with .md files.

If you are dealing with these two file types a lot, then it's simply a no brainer to save yourself time and energy.


This feature allows you to bulk renaming of files while searching. This can help you rename anything you may need to in batch quantities to save you time and energy, and it's especially great if you are dealing with similar files such as recently taken pictures and videos.

If you just did a photoshoot being able to go in and bulk rename and renumber all the images will be a huge time saver when going back later.

Microsoft PowerToys is an open-source software that is supported by Microsoft, where creators are submitting new ideas and code to them regularly for approval. Only the best of the best is selected. If any of these features have helped you be more productive, that is awesome!

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