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How Do You Market An IT Company And Why Should You Do It?

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page. Anytime we reference an IT company in this post, we’re talking about anything from Information Technology to Managed Service Providers.

IT marketing is far easier than many people think, but it’s a good idea to have an expert help you out. In order to market an IT company, you first have to consider why someone might be looking for an IT company.

What Customers Want To Know

1.They are getting what they pay for.

2. Someone will help them quickly.

3. The company is reliable.

4. The company is doing preventative maintenance.

5. There isn’t a mess after work is performed.

6. What they buy is going to last for years to come.

The user experience in an IT company is one of the most important things to consider when marketing your IT company.

Going through the list above is not only going to help get you more customers, but addressing each of these in blog posts or around your website will increase the likelihood of people buying from you drastically.

If you’re still asking why?

Take a step back and think about it…

Anyone hiring an IT company will be concerned with the points listed above.

If you don’t believe us and you’re an IT company, feel free to ask your clients.

It may sound crazy to some people reading this, but as a company hiring an IT company, they want it to be easy and they want to be cared for. If they’re paying for it, they should get it, right?

You’re probably wondering…

How does this tie back to IT marketing?

Giving your customers what they want to see instead of what you want them to see is going to set you ahead of your competition drastically. Knowing the key principles above will make your customers know not only can they trust you but also how you’re going to address each one of their concerns.

We Have Your Back

Here at Baron Media Group, we worry about answering the questions that people have when dealing with us. We have a blog with posts about what we do. Our expert blog to inform you because not everyone knows what we do.

We answer those questions because we get them all the time.

Business owners understand why they need an IT company, and IT companies know why they need IT marketing. Where the gap lies is giving the piece of mind to the business owner who is hiring you.

Business owners are very nervous when it comes to IT companies.

Everyone has heard of an IT company that messed up or doesn’t answer their phones when there is an issue.

Customer Retention is Key To Business Success

Customer retention is the key to long term success in the IT world. When a business owner hires an IT company, they are putting their baby in the hands of a stranger.

They want to know that nothing terrible is going to happen.

Customers want their mind put at ease.

Letting the business owner know everything is going to be OK is the best way to make the sale.

Address the list above on your website and closing deals is going to become much easier for your company.

How do you get in front of your ideal customer?

Start creating content that is going to appeal to them.The reason you are reading this right now is we want to do business in the technology world. It’s what we are really good at.

Niching down is everything in the digital world.

As you and your company grow, you’re going to be able to work with a variety of different companies.

If your niche is lawyers, then write content that appeals to lawyers. They have a tremendous fear of being hacked. Partners of firms are always worried about billable hours and want to make sure the lawyers are getting the most out of their staff.

One way to do that is to keep them working more efficiently. Simply put, making sure their computers are running well and are not infected/hacked is the simplest way to keep them working.

A smart business owner knows that the easier it is for employees to do work, the more they are going to do.

Let your clients know you’re niching down to understand why you are a good fit for them and their company.

My favorite part about IT companies is you can work with every company. You can be a secret weapon for them, and you never have to worry about a code of ethics.

You can work with law firms that are right next door who do the same thing, and not have to worry about being a competitive advantage. You’re keeping your customers safe.

Why not try to dominate one area of industry? From there, you can expand. But capitalizing on one market is key for growth for IT companies, and it also allows for a better strategy when it comes to IT marketing.

Content is King for It Companies

Companies consistently fail to create content to reach their target audience, especially when it comes to the IT world.

Why is that?

Most IT people are introverts by nature. They are really good with computers but may lack the skills and thought process to ask the customer what they look for in an IT company. They may not see the specific needs of a customer and what they are looking for.

Going back to the list above is the easiest way to start creating content that will make people want to work with you. When niching down, it is much easier to create even more content that appeals to that audience.

Once you start to break into that niche, it’s a simple process – rinses, and repeats over and over again. Each company is going to have minor changes when it comes to dealing with their customers, but for the most part in the IT world, it is all about the list above.

We have covered most topics related to IT marketing so far. The one topic left is disucssing the actual steps on how to market your IT company.

You may have heard this from all the posts on our website, but the principles are still the same when it comes to getting in front of your ideal customers.

Build A Great Website

Something easy to navigate that has all the information needed readily available. Don’t go crazy with a super involved website.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most people are never going to go through your entire website. Some of our clients have built out over 50 pages of content that are not relevant at all to their customers.

Simple, clean, and organized is the easiest way to get people to buy on your website.

Create A Blog For Your Ideal Customer

Have a blog that answers all the questions customers may need answers to. It’s ok to tell your customer how you’re going to do something.

This will give them peace of mind when they hire you to market an IT company. If you think they are worried about network security, talk about how network security is impacting their industry and let them know that your company uses that hardware or software.

Send Emails To Your Customers

The best way to get business is referrals, right? So, why not email your customers every month letting them know about new blogs they might find interesting or what you are going to be doing for your customers over the next month to make sure they are safe.

Remember, business owners want peace of mind. Make sure they get it.

Be Active On Social Media

Customers follow their vendors on social media. Even being a little active is far better than doing nothing.

Believe it or not, they want to brag about their IT company. Post photos and videos of work you and your company have done, so they get to see it.

It can have a HUGE impact on customer retention.


Make content your ideal customer wants to see.

If you’re struggling for ideas to market an IT company ask them what they look for when it comes to their customers.

Everyone has their own requirements, but the list above is a general rule of thumb to address when it comes to making content to market an IT company. Business owners want peace of mind and to know it’s not going to be a disaster if they let you work in their business regularly.

Make sure they see that somewhere on your website to help drive traffic to your website, and soon enough you will be dominating the market.

The best part is creating content for your website can be totally free.

If you’re interested in learning how to produce content to market an IT company, check out our other posts!

Thanks for reading.


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