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15 Top Managed Service Providers in the Country

Not every managed service provider is worth your attention, let alone your money.

Still, some MSPs have created their names as reliable and professional companies. They are the market leaders.

That said, here’s a rundown of the most sought-after managed service providers in the United States.

Managed Service Provider

1. DXC

Based in Plano, Texas, DXC Technologies specializes in managed services and end-to-end services in over seventy countries.

Further, DXC offers expertise in several domains, sectors, and industries, including cloud services, analytics, the Internet of Things, and application services. Other areas of focus include blockchain and robotics.

One of DXC’s most notable products is Bionix, a solution that allows businesses to leverage intelligent automation at scale.

Managed Service Provider

2. HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies is a managed services provider with a focus on automation, the Internet of Things, analytics, and digitalization.

This MSP uses a methodology known as Mode 1-2-3, designed to help businesses optimize their core services, implement next-generation services, and leverage platforms and products that spur innovations.

HCL Technologies aims to enable businesses to lay a stable foundation for digital growth.

Managed Service Provider

3. IBM Security

IBM is a managed services powerhouse both in the United States and outside.

Based in Armonk, New York, the company boasts 6 divisions offering digital transformation and innovation. The services are IBM Cloud, IBM Watson (addresses AI technology), IBM Security, IBM Blockchain, IBM IoT, and IBM Services.

IBM is also a leader in developing quantum computing frameworks offered through an MSP model or the company’s array of platforms.

Managed Service Provider

4. Corsica Technologies

Channel Futures MSPs 501 rankings named Corsica Technologies as one of the world’s premier managed service providers in their 13th annual event.

The company stands out due to its remarkable growth, continuous adoption of emerging technologies, and innovation.

Corsica Technologies has a high-skilled and certified team with years of experience in cyber security and IT dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes thrive.

5. Delta Risk

Delta Risk is a leader in Cybersecurity services, offering SOC-as-a-Service, cloud security and managed security services.

Delta Risk promises to monitor your systems around the clock, resolving threats and noise faster. The company offers skilled professionals and analysts to evaluate your security needs and formulate the best solution for your business.

Delta Risk is a subsidiary of Motorola Solutions.

Managed Service Provider

6. CyberDuo

Based in Los Angeles, CyberDuo is a managed service provider providing cloud and Cybersecurity services and IT support to organizations.

The company’s mission is to help businesses, large and small, adopt technology in all their processes. That way, they can build resilience and uncover new capabilities.

CyberDuo aims to help your business develop, maintain and implement the best possible and secure IT ecosystem.

7. Datalink Networks

Datalink Networks doubles up as an IT solutions and a managed service provider that serves major industries across the United States.

The company serves six main categories, including managed security services, communication, Microsoft service, and networking.

Datalink Networks also offers next-generation data center services for businesses looking to collocate their IT infrastructure and servers.

8. Cloudester Software LLC

Cloudester deserves mention among the best American solution providers.

Founded in 2011, Cloudester is a software development company that aims to deliver fast, custom-built, ultra-fast, and secure mobile and web-managed security services as per your specific needs.

This company stands out due to its robust services. Satisfied customers say Cloudester is reliable and always on standby to troubleshoot glitches and changes.

Managed Service Provider

9. Optistar Technology Consultants

Optistar burst onto the scene in 1996. For over two decades, the company has grown to become one of the most formidable digital solutions in the United States.

Besides being a stellar service provider, Optistar is also a leader in consulting for financial services, attorneys, and nonprofits interested in making the most out of their IT systems.

Optistar focuses on adding value-driven, turnkey solutions for its clients.

Managed Service Provider

10. Britecity

If you’re switching your IT service provider, Britecity is an excellent alternative to consider.

Renowned for professional services, Britecity is a managed service company supporting hundreds of companies in Orange County, California.

Britecity focuses on cloud computing, cloud strategy, data backups, infrastructure, and IT managed services.

The company has won the coveted UpCity local excellence award for its above-par management expertise.

11. TechMD

TechMD is an award-winning managed services provider with a focus on cloud solutions, cyber consulting compliance services, and IT services for enterprise clients.

On top of that, the company can help formulate a stable response to security threats, data backups, data migration, breach detection, and auditing.

TechMD says it’s passionate about helping small and medium businesses in Southern California leverage enterprise-level productivity and scalability cloud solutions.

Managed Service Provider

12. IT Support LA

According to IT Support LA’s official website, its mission is to offer comprehensive managed infrastructure services for small local businesses.

The company seeks to help organizations redefine their database management experience by eliminating long-term contracts, unwanted surprises, and hidden fees.

Why is this essential? …because IT Support LA wants to be your managed security provider for years to come.

13. Rackspace

Rackspace is a managed services provider emerging as a leader in data, applications, and IT infrastructure.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Rackspace specializes in next-generation data center services, managed security services, and business integration.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Professional and Managed Service Providers awarded Rackspace a “leader” designation in 2019.

Rackspace serves major industries like financial, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare and media.

14. WiPro

Active IT Solutions takes pride as the number one leader in fast, reliable managed network detection and response for medical and dental vertical industries looking for a managed services provider they can count on.

Active IT Solutions promises to get everything done 100%. The company focuses on IT managed services, cloud computing, and web development.

15. Exigent Technologies

Wrapping up our best IT and managed security services custom shortlist is Exigent Technologies, a company that focuses on cloud computing, breach detections, data backups, and cloud strategy.

Exigent Technologies also offers staff augmentation, data migration, and hosting.

On top of that, this MSP will implement, maintain and support your IT systems to ensure high performance always.

Customers hail Exigent Technologies’ fast response time to risk assessment backed by excellent engineering services.

Exigent Technologies is based in New York.

How to Choose a Managed Service Provider

When looking for a managed service provider, you’ll want that offers the following:

Remote Monitoring: To ensure that your IT systems are running under 24/7 “surveillance” for optimal performance.

Fast Response to Cyber Threats: The best-managed security services should act swiftly whenever there’s an issue with your systems.

Consulting Services: Any managed service worth your attention should be able to tell you what’s wrong with your systems and offer robust services to correct the glitches.

Professional Services: You want a company that can provide stellar engineering services offered by experienced experts with hands-on knowledge.

Latest Technologies: The ideal managed services provider should base its core products & services on the latest technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Bottom Line

These managed services providers stand shoulders above other players in the market because of their innovative security services.

Most of these companies offer their managed services to enterprise clients. Of course, the specific solutions vary from one company to the other depending on your requirement, so you’ll want to check out what a company offers before engaging their services.

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