I hear many times that people have a LinkedIn and they're not using it to the best of their ability.

I want to cover why you might not be using it to the best of your ability and the purpose of you having LinkedIn.

One of the things that I want to cover is the purpose of having LinkedIn and why so many people have it. I've met so many individuals that have LinkedIn now for several years and haven't either done any business on it, they're not very active on or they don't necessarily understand the reason as to why they have it. Somebody just told them, “Hey, you should get on this platform.” And they decided, yes, I should.

So ideally, when you have a LinkedIn profile, your goal is to connect with business-to-business people. Why is that important?

Well, in the business-to-business world, relationships are the key driver for just about anything. It could be sales; it could be marketing, it could be just staying in touch with a variety of people and business owners.

There are so many different variations and different ways to take your network. Moreover, it depends on how you choose to leverage those connections. So in particular, if you'd like to leverage LinkedIn for sales, you absolutely can do that, especially in the business-to-business space. For example, right now I'm working with a client; they are commercial cleaners. Leveraging LinkedIn might be the best way to start connecting with those people. Also there are some processes, which we will discuss in a later blog. I spend a ton of time on LinkedIn, that's how I do a lot of my prospecting.

With prospecting on LinkedIn, I know exactly whom I'm connecting with, what their credentials are, what their qualifications are, and the people that I'm connecting with, if they don't choose to connect with me, they're probably not that active on LinkedIn. So for me producing content, specifically for my LinkedIn connections, is for people that are on LinkedIn frequently and can see my connections and what content I am creating.

What is the most essential purpose of LinkedIn?

It is a personal preference on what your purpose of having LinkedIn is, if it's just purely to show off your resume of skills, that's not a bad thing to do on there. It's an effective way to start letting people connect with you. Having recruiters have the ability to reach out to you to potentially find a new job is a compelling way to use LinkedIn. It shows your credentials, qualifications, and skills. They could individually sort through that, the key to the whole process, no matter what platform, the key to the entire process, no matter what purpose you have for LinkedIn is merely putting in better and more accurate information, putting in your most relevant jobs, putting in your most recent qualifications, putting in your most recently written articles, even if it is a duplicate, and you intend to leave it somewhere, putting a duplicate of the article out there is someone saying “ Hey check this out, this is what I wrote for my company might not be a bad option. You might even help the company make a sale, and they're going to like you even more. There are so many different avenues that you could use for these various topics. So using that to find a job might be an incredible tool. Also, you could leverage LinkedIn for sales, if you're creating content, if you're reaching out directly. If you're a sales navigator of one of the most powerful tools, I think on the internet, as far as connecting business-to-business people and sending targeted messages to people that are serious influencers is another very powerful way to leverage LinkedIn and leverage the software that you don't actually have to do much for it's already built. You have to go in there and utilize it. Yes, there's sometimes a fee associated with that but, even if you're a business owner, and you're seeking out talent, there are all of these different variations. However, what if you're just an ordinary John Doe who wants to have a LinkedIn, but you don't want to use it effectively. Not a bad thing at all. Anytime you talk to people, or on the phone, or you close the sale or anything like that, it's never a bad idea to connect with people because you never know where those relationships are going. That's why I'm so headstrong about having a purpose for LinkedIn, if your goal is to have a network and build a network, that's a great thing to do.

However, what's the end game?

Is the end game to connect with people, is it to build long-lasting relationships, real quality networking, or just to stay in contact with somebody, having a LinkedIn is a great thing. However, if you're not intending on using it ever, it's still something good to have just to harness those connections, and spending even an hour a month on people that you may know or anything else will to be overpowering, even if you choose not to put that much information, if your first name, last name, a profile picture, and maybe your most recent job, and you leave everything else blank, having a LinkedIn and utilizing it and leveraging it for the long term is going to be so overpowering, because you never know where the world is going to you.

The average person transfers jobs or careers approximately seven times. Which means having a long list of people that you've already connected with, may have already done business with and anything like that is going to be tremendously more powerful, especially when leveraging because those people may move on and maybe somebody that could hire you later on down the road or in a different industry. This could also strike up a sale or make connection for you or even if you're curious or need help with something. Having those connections or having that network of people to turn to is always a good idea.

Having a LinkedIn is a good idea for everyone. The question that has to be asked is: What is your purpose? Is it to drive sales, or is it to maintain relationships or build new relationships going forward.

Even when you build your LinkedIn, if your purpose is to find a job, make it more resume oriented, there's many people that talk about, LinkedIn isn't for your resume, well, that's not necessarily true, depends on your purpose for LinkedIn, if your goal for LinkedIn is to get hired, than having a more resume style, LinkedIn account is going to be way better for recruiters to find you, or potential job owners to have you. Now they're going to be able to say, hey, you did X, Y, Z, at this company, you were responsible for this, and this is precisely in line with what I'm looking for. Let me reach out; maybe you're not even interested in having an opportunity. However, having people offer you more money is never a bad thing.

Now, business owners, you're probably going to dislike me for saying this. However, it also allows entirely fair competition across the board. Because of this, you can't have the one up on employees and employees can’t have the one up on you making a fully coherent and mesh-like company where everybody's on the same page. Having an open door policy is tremendously useful, because now the employee can feel confident enough to say, hey, look, I want to let you know, I do love working here, but I think now my time is coming to an end. I want to start looking for possible alternatives in different industries.

You never know, maybe you could even leverage your bosses LinkedIn account, and they might be able to make those connections. Also, vice versa, you might be able to have relationships with somebody that could be a good fit for your current position. So the transition, you could facilitate the whole thing, and you're going to look like a rock star in everybody's eyes. That's such a different purpose than most people even think about having a LinkedIn and how you can easily leverage it not even for sales but for your gain. You might say, Hey, I'll find a new position or I have somebody for the new position is there any way instead of you hiring recruiter to throw me a couple of bucks, I'd be more than happy to bring them in. Alternatively, you want to look like a rock star and bring them in, there are all of these different avenues that you could take as far as what you can do with your LinkedIn network.

I know tons of people on LinkedIn that don't use it to make sales, but they add content on there because they want to stay top of mind and staying top of mind is only going to help you grow as a personal brand. Even if you're working for somebody else, someone might say this guy Harrison is always putting out content, or is always doing this or is always doing that.

These are just totally different options that you could take your LinkedIn but finding your purpose of it and your purpose can change over time, you might say, "I just want to build up a network" And then you say, "you know what, let me go into sales." Let me start leveraging that network. All these people that I've done business with in the past can be an important opportunity for you and if you take that opportunity and leverage it, it could be fruitful for years and years to come.


I don't think LinkedIn is going anywhere.

There's nobody pushing into space, even close to pushing into the area as far as a business to business or business related networks are going. There might be a couple of small people, but nobody has a network the size of LinkedIn.

Allegedly, I say allegedly because what you read on the Internet may or may not be accurate. However, LinkedIn has one of the most powerful and valued databases in the faces earth because everybody wants to update their information so frequently to leverage either sales or just connections that the people are doing all the hard work for LinkedIn, and which makes it tremendously more valuable. So I don't think that that's going to go anywhere.

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Thanks for reading!

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Monday, July 6, 2020