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Understand Local SEO In 2023: Guide To Ranking

Local SEO refers to optimization on digital businesses and websites so that potential clients can find you in local searches. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a brick and mortar business, available in different regions or a local shop, SEO will help you increase revenue.

You will need to understand factors that affect local rankings, improve SEO for your website to be seen, appear in the map pack, and eventually attract more clients from Google.

In this article, you will learn essential SEO strategies that will ensure your business attracts clients when they search online.

What Does Local SEO Look Like On Google?

Local SEO is all about ranking when it comes to localized searches. If you’re a locksmith, here is how you will show up on Google if someone is searching for you.

Let’s say you’re searching for “locksmith New York.”

Of course, Google will push advertisers in the first results. But you will find the local 3 pack, or map pack, after the ads.

Google is always updated so even if you search without a location, you will get local results. Google knows where you are. Local is growing in popularity and favors several brick and mortar businesses.

What Factors Affect Local SEO?

When we talk about factors affecting local SEO, we will have to break down what affects organic ranking and the map pack.

Local 3 Pack/ Map Rank

According to research done by an SEO software company for online marketing called Moz, the most significant factor in ensuring you rank well with the local 3 pack has a Google My Business listing.

Beyond that, links are crucial, as well as on-page website optimization, reviews, citations, and blog articles.

Not long ago, the map pack was not influenced by your website, but now Google uses them both. If you don’t see your business ranking, you should build links to your site.

Your website should have strong signals. Backlinks have remained crucial when it comes to SEO.

It is difficult building backlinks, but you should consider it in your strategy if you want to see excellent results.

Using Google My Business

Your business should have a Google My Business listing. Why?

Well, this is how your company shows up on Google in the map pack.

According to a study done by Moz, Google My Business is one of the top local SEO ranking factors. If you don’t have a page, you should create a Google My Business account and work hard to ensure it ranks.

You will have to keep in mind to use the domain that is registered as your business name.

There is a form on which you will input your business details. The essential features are Name, Address, and Phone Number(NAP).

The information will be available on your main website. If you fill out the form well, you will allow clients and search engines to understand your business and your business will rank for relevant searches.

Google will let you take advantage of numerous categories. So, make sure you use multiple to make your business relevant. And don’t forget to be specific! Finally, you will have to verify your account.

There are a couple of methods to verify. You can do it using your phone, email, or postcard. In all cases, Google will send a verification code. Your type of business will make it easier for you to verify your account.

If you encounter any issues, you can reach to Google on the support web page. You can include photographs too. Be sure not to leave out any crucial information.

Understanding And Ensuring Local Citations Are Consistent

After your Google My Business account is live, you will need to get citations. The name, address, and phone number citations will need to be consistent across the web.

This ensures you get high rankings on search engines. Also, people use directories to find relevant services. Lists are essential in local SEO.

If the citation is not consistent, you may not get the results that you want. People may use the wrong number or address that can lead to people abandoning the page. You must ensure these are up to date.

A citation acts as a local signal to show Google you’re an entity. If you have wrong citations, your local SEO can be adversely affected. According to Google, if you’re citations are inconsistent, you could drop in ranking.

If the Name, Address, and Phone Number varies across the web, especially in platforms that customers trust, it will be harder for clients and search engines to trust you. That’s why you will drop in rankings. You will see a decrease in traffic, and this won’t be good for your business.

Making sure your web pages are optimized is crucial,especially if you want to rank organically for specific keywords that your potential clients are searching for.

Restructuring The Website To Attract Traffic To Landing Pages

If you own a business that serves numerous towns, you can come up with town specific web pages for each of these cities. It’s common to find a company that has no physical office but serves multiple towns.

For example, you may have different sub folders that serve different towns.

For example: your This helps in ranking organically.

What Needs To Be Optimized?

You need to make sure title tags, headers, meta description,and body content are optimized.

All the necessary On-Page SEO needs to be done. You will add the name of the town, and keyword in the title.

What Goes On Your Website?

The name, address, and phone number (or NAP) must appear on your site.

This information will need to be consistent with Google My Business Listing. Also be sure to include the standard business hours.

Insert Google Maps

It would be best if you did not forget to insert a map on Google. This will help clients know exactly where you are without them having to search out your location on their own.

A Clear Call-To-Action

This will attract potential clients who may end becoming esteemed clients. They will convert if you ask them. All you have to do is ensure your phone number is displayed and on during business hours.

You will guide the client with the call-to-action message to make them what you want them to do.

Testimonial And Review Page

If you show reviews and testimonials on your website,you will increase conversions. Most clients will trust doing business with your company if they see testimonials.


Google is favoring mobile-friendly websites since most people are on their mobile devices more often than they are on their computers. If you want to find out whether your site is mobile-friendly, you will have to take advantage of Google’s mobile-friendly test.

If the site is not mobile-friendly, you will have to design it or upload a new theme.

Be sure to check out this article all about more SEO tips to rank higher in Google.

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