Now that you know how Blogs help your SEO and your getting all this traffic to your website, but your leads are not the best. This blog should help solve that problem.

I feel there are simple answers to this statement, but I want to make sure you understand why it's so simple.

You need to educate your buyers. When we say educate we really mean covering all bases.

Before we cover how to make your leads better we have to think about the buyer's journey when they get to your website.

Let's say your customer found you online either through an ad, blog, or they had an idea of your company and may have Googled it. So now they got to your website, that person could probably read most of your website in just a few minutes if you have a simple website maybe 5-10 minutes. Maybe on the long end, they decide to visit every page in your site other than your blog. But let's throw in the blog. They may spend up to a half hour at most on your website.

Now let's imagine you have an expensive product or service such as law services, health care, or another product. You want your potential customer to spend their money with your company, but the question we need to answer is “Why should they?”.

The likelihood of someone spending a lot of money with your business after reading your website for 5 minutes to maybe a half hour, is pretty unlikely. It's not impossible it's just unlikely especially if they just found you online — That's, not a bad thing but that's why you're reading this. The last thing you want is the person to call you, and you answer the same questions you get all the time to find out at the end, its not a potential prospect. Now you could have wasted an hour with that person on the phone or even a half hour when that person was never going to buy, or they didn’t believe you had enough knowledge and sometimes you get preoccupied and it wasn’t a good time for a call. There are far too many factors as to why you shouldn't be answering calls in person and instead be answering the questions online in blog format.

Blogging is great, and a great way to rank up in SEO; however, not getting quality leads is a severe problem for companies.

So what can they do?

Answer all their questions, and I mean all of them.

I am not saying give away your secret sauce because that's yours to keep. But in the blog page on Baron Media Group’s website, you will see so many questions I usually get. In our honest opinion, you could probably give away some secret sauce, and most people won't follow through on the advice they are given. Unfortunately, it’s the sad truth, but that's fine. (That's why we have a successful company.) It's not something to worry about, but an even more effective method is giving out little tidbits of information on your secret sauce but not giving it all away.

So why do we do this?

We want to be able to tell potential prospects that they should read blogs on our site because they will learn not only everything we do but also how it all happens. This ranges from website design, development, social media to content creation it's all on the blog. The goal of our blog or learning center is to educate our buyers on what we do and encourage them to either try it themselves or at least be knowledgeable on our services.

We are very transparent when it comes to our blog, and we publish blogs for two reasons. Our first goal is to educate our visitors. We want everyone who visits to be able to walk away with useful information. We want to produce high-quality content that's very thorough. The second this we want to do is help Google find us. The better the content, the higher we will rank in Google for SEO.

Our goal is to get everyone to try it.

We know most won't do that, but we want to give and give and give. That's the secret to success. Always give more than you get and letting people and companies try things out before making a commitment themselves; it is a powerful tool in the buying process. They not only learn how easy or difficult it is but when we come in to do the work, they know what we are doing, and there isn't anything they don't understand. We want them to know almost everything we are going to do for the money they are going to spend with our company. We are in the digital space, so thankfully no one's life is at stake. We want everyone who reads our blog and browses our website to know we are experts in our industry because we have educated them on everything we are going to do.

At this point, you might be asking: How does that convert to leads?

Your blog should qualify and disqualify buyers.

After reading your blog, the individuals should know precisely what you do. The buying process and ultimately at the end of reading they should know if they are ready to buy or not buy or at least have an excellent understanding of what you do. Now that they are educated and understand you there should be an excellent form on your website. This will detail all the information you are going to need to start working for them.

For example, let's use Baron Media Group for instance. On your website which should be placed strategically around, there should be a contact form.

This could have questions like:

What services are you looking for?

Do you have an idea of what this is going to cost?

What industry are you in and more?

The questions on your form should answer most of the questions that anyone would ask you when they are looking to engage with your brand. For ours, it may be a little simple but for other companies, those questions could be more specific. There is no limit to the questions that you ask either. There should be enough questions to turn anyone away who will never buy from you but not too much that it is going to bother your ideal client.

This will help when filling out that document that someone is serious, about what they need and understand precisely what to expect if purchasing services. Typically only people who are serious about services are going to be filling out the request a quote form. Before anyone says it, of course, there are going to be people that fill out the form who aren't qualified. However, the vast majority will be highly qualified.

So what does this all mean at the end of the day?

Your goal is to educate people on what you do, how you do it and how to get serious with it. Stop letting your potential customers live in the dark. If you're in the business-to-business space, this article can be gold for you. The potential buyer that you are going to have will read all about you before they decide to buy from you. On the flip side of it if someone you are doing business with already isn't sure exactly what they are getting or what you do this can also be a great way to put their mind at ease. I know it sounds crazy, but some of our customers know that they need SEO or social media services and we do it for them, but they don't understand what they are paying for. That's why we break down how SEO works and why social media is effective in other blogs. It’s to put their mind at rest but educate other people as well. The likelihood of someone reading our blogs about everything we do and buying from other people is very unlikely and if they do, they weren't a good customer for us anyway.

The best part of that is they didn't take any time asking us questions because the content was already made. They also didn't request a quote because they weren't going to buy from us and if they did and got a price from us. Oh well, we gave out a proposal to someone who won't buy from us. It is not like that hasn't happened before.

While that's all happening the blog could be reaching other people as well. Answering questions in person is great, but you can only educate a couple of people at a time and only when you're with them or on a call. Blogs work for you all the time.

Want to know the cherry on top for all of this.


Blogging doesn't cost you anything extra if you have employees in your company to write blogs for your website. They can be found all day every day and once it's made it doesn't ever have to be revisited unless something changes that makes it untrue. It's a simple method to get leads all day and night without having to pay for them, and they last much longer than paid Ads.

This sounds ludicrous to most people but its the real cold hard truth of why we love blogging so much. Our blogs can educate people when we are with our families, on the road, or doing anything else. It is going to help us rank in Google over time and its components with the more blogs we write.

High quality blogs = better SEO = more leads = more customers.

If you have a lead problem and your wasting to much time on speaking to bad leads we hope this blog will answer your questions. This blog will also help you get more leads if you follow it. If your not sure if it’s going to work for your company we have a challenge for you. Go find a competitor of yours who gets business from their blog. Here at Baron Media Group, we have heard of dozens of success stories with their blog. We aren’t talking about a couple sales they made. We have heard of companies making millions of dollars per year from their blog.

We do our best to update all our blogs on a yearly basis, or when things change on a topic, we have written about. We try to so every time you read a blog its the most up to date blog, and the most up to date content.

Thanks for reading!

Published on:

Monday, July 6, 2020